Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter 2010

After traveling for the past few weekends and knowing that we'll be traveling next weekend, we decided to stay in Abilene for Easter. It was a great, relaxing weekend, and we spent most of the time just doing little projects around the house and hanging out as family.

I love seeing my boys dressed in suits, ties, jackets, slacks, dress shoes, etc. So..Easter is always very fun for me! It gives me a great excuse to buy some new clothes for the boys.

On Saturday night, Landon & Whit came over the watch the games (GO DUKE!) and dye Easter eggs.
Levi & Zach being cheeesy ; )

Will doing sponge-dyeing on the eggs.

This picture was super dark, so I had to over-edit it. BUT...I just love the way Levi is waiting on his egg to dye. Precious.

Our finished eggs!

As mentioned above, I can't resist a suit or sweater vest on my boys. So I got one of each!
Here is how our photo shoot progressed...'s a's a's an Easter bunny....

Will's cheesy grin and Levi's 'almost there' smile

totally confused as to why I am still snappin' away on the camera...

FINALLY! The best one!
Every part about this picture is irresistible to me!
Will's big smile and arm around Levi.
Levi's perfectly combed hair, suit, and amusing look on his face.
love them.

After church, we went to Landon & Whit's for lunch and an Easter egg hunt. Since it was just the boys, they didn't quite run around the yard in excitement, but it was fun nonetheless!

Levi wouldn't pick up the boiled Will's basket was full of them!

Discussing the plan of attack...

Levi searching...

I have a feeling that Levi will have a senior picture or sports picture that will look very similar to this one day...

Levi (left) & Will after the hunt was over. This was the best shot I could get. All they wanted to do was eat their 'tandy!'

We are so blessed. Thank you Jesus for giving us life here on Earth and life Eternal. We long to live it out in a way that brings glory to your name.



JENNY said...

Love the pictures and Easter outfits. They are adorable!!

katie & matt said...

I am loving all of these updates today! :)

Elliott and Cherry Wood said...

Those boys are so handsome, Kara!! I can't believe how grown up they look. And they look very GQ :) Glad you guys had a happy Easter!

Kathy said...

I know that they will always remember the fun of coloring the Easter Eggs with their own special designs! Precious pictures.

erin f. said...

I love their Easter outfits! And their hair! Adorable.

Shannon Burton said...

O my gosh, I could literally eat them up with a spoon! They are too stinkin cute for words. Love the vest...and the suit with the flip-flops is just priceless. GQ here they come!!!!

Britt said...

LOVED looking at the pics of the boys in their Sunday best! Soooo precious!!

Aja said...

I don't know if you remember me from ACU or not, but I came across your blog from someone else's and just wanted to say hi--and that these pictures of your boys are just about the most precious thing I've ever seen!

Aja Speights