Monday, April 05, 2010

Spring in Dallas

Zach had some business stuff scheduled in Dallas, so we all went along with him and spent some time with my family! Most of the pics are on my brother's camera, but I did get a few that I wanted to show off..

Growing up, I went crawdad fishing in the creek behind our house. My mom got very brave one afternoon and took the boys down to the creek to do some fishing of their own! Both of the boys were soo excited about what they found under one little rock...

They released him back to his natural environment, but since we got back home, the boys have been searching under all of our rocks here for a 'crydaddy'. No such luck yet...

It was great to spend some time with Uncle Adam before he went back to Colorado. Hopefully, we will be visiting him soon!


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Kathy said...

Love Levi's face with the crawdad. He actually was pretty scared of it and didn't want to get too close. He kept calling it a "spider". But they both kept checking on it after we put him back under his rock. Fun times- even though they got wet and muddy!