Monday, August 04, 2008

Border Town Days 2008

We look forward every year to Border Town Days. It's a celebration of the Founder's Days between two towns that are right on the Texas/New Mexico border. Zach's dad grew up in one of these towns (Farwell), and Zach's Grandaddy still lives there!

The weekend is packed full of fun. First of all, we stay in Muleshoe with Zach's family which is always a blast! W & L's aunts, uncles & grandparents love to play with them and show them off, so it ends up being a very relaxing time for me.

On Saturday morning there is a big parade with all the community businesses and reunion classes. Then there's a big carnival thing in the city park. That is all a bunch of fun, but our MOST favorite thing about BTD weekend is the bard dance! The lovely Mayfield family (who I know read this blog but have never commented.....hint hint) are gracious enough to clean out their barn, invite the whole panhandle of Texas, get a DJ, hang up fun lights, and dance the night away! We always have a blast two stepping with our boots on, eatin' some good grub, and catching up with old friends. It's crazy to see how much the boys have grown since last year's BTD. Some pictures were put on Erin's blog, but here are some more!

probably my favorite family picture of us recently

Heather & cowboy Will

Shelley, Levi, me, Gini, Heth, Will & Cori

Uncle Ben & cowboy Levi

Zach & me trying to improve our dancing skills

Levi looks all American in this one. I could just gobble him up!

I was going to drive back to Abilene with the boys because Zach left for Trek from Muleshoe. Instead, Papa Doc flew us home...which was awesome! It cut the travel time in half, and the boys LOVED getting to 'fly' the airplane.

Will learning the ropes from Co-Pilot Heather. He'll be ready for his solo flight in no time!

I'm not sure what's going through Levi's head in this one, but it cracks me up every time I see it! He looks a little unsure of the whole situation...
We had a great weekend at BTD 08, and we are looking forward to next year already!

On a completely different note, Zach made it home Saturday night from Trek. He had a blast, and was completely surprised by my 'While You Were Out'. I redecorated our master bedroom and the hallway! I will post pics soon.

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Jen said...

how do i get super cut arms like heather? i'm interested in those.

JENNY said...

That is a GREAT family picture of all 4 of you!!

Kate said...

I love the picture of all 4 of you with the boys in their little cowboy clothes! And it cracks me up that you have cornbread in your hand while you and Zach are dancing. I guess he pulled you onto the dance floor before you had time to finish your meal!

Kara Sheets said...

jen, i think med school made that girl ripped.

kate, it was actually a rice crispy treat. zach ended up biting it out of my hand and ate it all before the song was over. i was sad.

Jen said...

then i am stuck with regular mushy arms.

Michelle said...

it was so nice to run into you and meet you and your adorable boys in person last week at hancocks (although a little embarrassing on my part!) my zach thinks it's hilarious that i said hi to you because of all my blog stalking! i'm sure you're somewhat used to all the fame! ha!

stop by our blog if you get a chance. chroniclesofclara.blogspot

again, nice to meet you! michelle

Chels said...

I can take a hint! I love all of your pictures from the Barn dance, and I've got a few more to add to it. Check out my pictures at

Thanks for loving our family traditions so much! They would not be the same without the Sheets hanging with us!

Wase... said...

The boys look absolutely adorable in their boots and hats!

Shannon Burton said...

Love the boot-scootin Sheets family! What a fun annual event. Any chance we could hide in your luggage and come along next year??? I love that family picture of you, Z and the boys!