Saturday, August 02, 2008


*loves shoes. any shoes that he can find. he will either put them on his feet or put them on his hands and walk around with shoes on his feet and hands! he's a funny kid. these are probably his favorite shoes right now. a boy can't go wrong with boots!

he is always on the move, so this is the best picture i could get of his walkin' boots.

even if he can only find one shoe...he wants that one shoe to be on his foot!

*loves to climb. the kid can climb onto the kitchen table, couches, chairs, coffee tables, beds, and the most recent addition- my nightstand. my nightstand is right next to the pack n' play (or basket..) so levi has figured out how to get into the pack n' play. it doesn't really scare me because he is so good at it! he rarely ever falls without meaning to.
Will just sticks with playing with my radio or touch lamp. there's no way he would do what Levi is doing in the picture below.

*DOESN'T love taking naps...or going to bed at night...or slowing down and being still...ever.

I just put him down for his afternoon nap. I went back in a few minutes later to stare at him (yes, I still do that from time to time). I am so glad I did because this is what I found!

I can just imagine him thinking 'I'll show her. I'm gonna sleep sitting up. She'll feel so guilty for making me take a nap.'

Other things about Levi-
-walks all of the time. never crawls anymore.
-loves to play chase
-loves animals! every animal is a 'DA!' (dog)
-loves to give me kisses. big, open mouth smooches. : )
-has the sweatiest little feet and palms.
-when he gets in trouble or gets a spanking, he will start crying and walk out of whatever room he is in. once he gets out of the room he will stop crying and turn around and come back into the room. apparently he just needs alone time. it's pretty funny right now, but we will have to put a stop to it quickly.
-loves his brother. he will walk down the hall and stand in one of the bedroom doorways so Will can see where he is going. then he will wait for Will to get there before entering the room. it's priceless.
OK, that's all for now. I was looking through my iPhoto and founds lots of Levi pictures, so I thought I would blog about him. Maybe I will get a 'Will' blog done soon.

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Gini said...

Wow! The picture of Levi with one shoe on looks so much like Tyler and a baby! They are both getting so big! Love ya'll!

Kenli Shea said...

That's my boy!!! We need to hang out more often.

sharon said...

aw, what a fun and adventurous kid! i'm loving that black and blue cow thing behind will in one of the pics.

sarah jo sheets said...

Thank you so much for this precious blog!! I miss those boys so much. I love reading about ya'll! What the heck am I am going to do when I live way up in Alaska?!

Tommy Green said...

Looking at your blog gets me excited of the years to come with Luke. The twins are very cute. Hope you guys are doing well

Matthew and Jes said...

Cute! Love the new look of your blog! We miss you...maybe we should come for a visit soon??? Claire has quite the personality...she needs to get to know your boys!!

Michael said...

So those boots WERE made for walking.....