Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Girls Reunion '07

Not only did I get to welcome a nephew into the world, but I also got to spend the whole weekend with some of my best friends! Here are some pics from the wonderful weekend!

Me and the boys at the Dallas World Aquarium. A must see if you are in the Dallas area!

Poor Will got pooped on by some exotic bird. It got on his leg, shirt, and all over his carseat. (Rosalyn also got pooped on! See 'Blake and Mo's' blog for pics of that!)

Levi got poop on his head, but I had already cleaned it off when I took this pic. I think this pic is funny because it looks like he is thinking 'aww..bummer...'

The boys got to meet little Noah (Allison's blog linked to the right). He is soo cute, and it made me very excited to see our boys grow up!

Will had a hard weekend (aka. cried a lot), but 'Aunt' Erika made it all better. She took him for a walk outside, and this is how she came back home.

The boys finished off a great weekend by being surrounded by all their 'aunts'. I think the boys are in withdrawls from being so spoiled!

Here is another pic of Vander next to Levi and Will. This picture makes him look like a HUGE baby! He was 8 lbs, 1 oz..

Will got to spend some quality time with his Uncle Adam as we waited to see Vander at the hospital.


Allison said...

Had such a fun weekend with you and the boys! Your nephew is darling!

Kate said...

What a fun weekend! So glad you got to catch up with college girlfriends, introduce the boys to them, and welcome your new nephew!

Jenna said...

I love those pictures... I think the boys and Reese would have a fun time playing together. They are so cute!