Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy 4th!

We celebrated a great 4th of July complete with a traditional marching of the flags and flag raising ceremony, barbeque lunch, baseball game, cookout for dinner, and fireworks from the roof! The weather was great, and it made for an all-American day with close friends.

The boys are 7 weeks old now, and it keeps getting better everyday! Their little personalities crack me up, and I thought I would take time today to list....

A Few of My Favorite Things!

* Levi's tiny lips that pucker up.
* Mid-morning when both the boys are awake and love to play on the floor with each other.
* When both the boys want to be held by me at the same time. (It still feels good!) **pictured below**
* Will's complete contentment after he eats. His eyes roll back and his arms are limp. So satisfied!
* When their little feet wiggle and move as they nurse, and when they reach and rest their hands up close to my neck as they nurse.
* Snuggle time with mom in the morning. This is around 7am when they won't go back asleep after eating. I end up with Will asleep on my chest and Levi asleep at my side. Sometimes this is annoying, but it is very, very sweet!
* Will's little noises. He makes a wimper sound that reminds me of a puppy. It's much cuter that Levi's grunts that sometimes sound like a goat!
* Will's smile. (We still haven't seen a smile from Levi...he's holding out on us.)
* Levi's 'wide-eyed' faces.
* Will's dark eyes.
* that sweet baby smell
* The way that music calms Levi down instantly, but seems to have no effect on Will. Just another one of the MANY differences between these guys..
* Watching Zach talk to the boys. They will just stare at him for the longest time. They know their daddy!
* Being able to take the boys everywhere with me and not worry about screaming or bad behavior. They are both really good babies.

This list could go on and on...but meal time is quickly approaching.
I saw a onesie at Old Navy that pretty much states how I feel about these guys. It said "I am probably the best baby ever." Seriously....I am one lucky mom.

Here are some more pictures from last week.

Mama's Boys

Will and Levi's friend Ava loves to be the teacher. Here she is reading to Levi. So cute!

Will and Levi love to snuggle!

**On my last blog I posted a website to view a few pictures of the boys. The web address was slightly wrong. If you want to check it out, go here:


mother brown said...

Love ALL the pictures. Yes, they are "probably the best babies ever"!

mother brown said...

Oh, one more thing- Serously...Will and Levi are two lucky little boys to have such great parents.

JENNY said...

That picture of Ava and your son is so cute! Happy 4th of July!!

Julia said...

I keep thinking I need to ask Summer how you guys are doing, but I came across your blog & got the update! Those babies are precious! I'm so impressed that you're still nursing (and have pictures with your eyes open!). I will look forward to meeting them next time we come to Abilene. It's fun to see Ava "teaching"...she comes by it naturally!

PS - Eventually I rented The Holiday & watched the entire thing. It was cute, but would have been much more fun with you & Summer!

Kate said...

I love the picture of you holding both the boys. You are a natural at being a mom and have such sweet babies!

Candy said...

What a sweet post! They are precious. I was so bummed to have to hit the shower the other day. Bring them back! Oh, and tell Zach that Max had a baseball game on the 4th. We'd rather have been with you guys, that's for sure.

Jenny Wilkinson said...

Do you think that Levi is holding back the smile because you compared him to a goat? Something to think about. You should have the t-shirt that says "I'm pretty much the best mom ever". Seriously, you're putting most of us to shame out there if not for your good attitude alone.