Monday, April 02, 2007


Since I don't have much to post about today, I decided to go through my iPhoto library and post some random pictures that have been taken since the beginning of the year. Enjoy!

Nothing like some great tunes on a long road trip. This was taken in January (hence the presence of a belly button).

My new set of wheels. This thing is pretty massive, but it cuts a corner like no other!

I love our local grocery store. This parking spot has become a highlight of many quick trips to the store. Thanks United!

Awww....this is a pair of baby shoes on top of Landon's flip flops. Maybe one of our boys will inherit Landon's W-I-D-E feet.

A hard day at the office.


*Courtney* said...

Those are some great random pictures! I love it! And the double stroller...WOW...that is going to be a great workout when the boys get here! :)

Andrea & Paul said...

Hello Kara- my name is Andrea (Hise) Whiteside. I don't think that we have ever met before, but Zach was a dear friend to me and my husband in college. I hope this isn't too terribly random that I write a comment, but I wanted to "meet" you and ask you to tell Zach hi for me. Oh and most importantly, Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Kara Sheets said...

i will let zach know you said hi! i am glad you left a comment on here because I am sure there are lots of people who read this blog who we have no idea about!

Emily said...

While we're on the subject of people reading your blog that you have no idea about, I thought I'd take this time to say hi, congratulations, and I've been reading since January. :)

-Emily Tate

Kate said...

Great photos! Those shoes look so TINY compared to Landon's! I can't wait to see their little bitty feet!

Sarah said...

Man your must have a tough boss if you look like that after a days work. :)