Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Update on Da Boys

We went to the doctor this morning and everything looks great! Here are their stats:

Twin A (on my left side...the active one)- 3 lbs. 6 oz., 14 inches, he is head down bottom up but he is laying kinda sideways to where his head is close to my right thigh.

Twin B (on my right side...the calm one)- 3 lbs. 4 oz., 14 inches, he is head up bottom down, he is also slightly laying sideways to where his head is almost to my left ribs.

If you want to impress any doctor friends...the correct term for their position is Cephalic- Breech Presentation.

They are both doing great and have lots of fluid around them to keep on growing in. I am not looking good for a natural delivery. It will most likely be a C-section. My doctor schedules his sections around the 37th week...which means around May 15th.

We appreciate all your thoughts and prayers that have been showered on us. We continue to ask for prayers that these boys will grow large and stay inside me as long as possible!

Here are some famous twins that we are not naming ours after:
Ross and Norris McWhirter, compilers of the Guinness Book of Records'
Randy and Jason Sklar, hosts of ESPN Classic's Cheap Seats
James and Oliver Phelps, actors most notable for portraying Fred and George Weasley in the Harry Potter films
Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit, played Nicky and Alex Katsapolis Full House (seasons 5-8)
José and Ozzie Canseco (born 1964), Major League Baseball players
Ashton Kutcher, actor (fraternal twin brother Michael)
Elvis Presley, (twin brother Jesse Garon died at birth)


*Courtney* said...

Oh, the boys are getting so big! That is wonderful! I hear that c-sections aren't as bad as they sound, so I'll be praying that yours goes smoothly if you have to give birth that way. May 15th sounds like a great birthday! How exciting!

Kathy said...

bummer, I was really hoping for an Ashton....

Sarah said...

I'll keep praying! How exciting! I did not know that Elvis had a twin or Jose Conseco. Crazy!

Jen Perkins said...

your not naming your twins Ross and Norris? i'm a little disapointed. i pray for your twins everytime i think of you. glad to hear the good check up news! miss you!

Summer said...

I can't wait to hear what these boys' names are! They (and you) are in my prayers.

Lauren said...

You don't know me, but my parents are senior huddle leaders at Highland. You and Zach have been in my prayers and on my heart. These two little boys are immensely blessed to be a part of your family.

Sarah said...

wow...the boys are getting SOO big! I think he should schedule it for the 16th so that my prediction will be right. :)

Candy said...

They're nearly identical in size. That's fascinating. They sound healthy and comfortable. So, about 6 more can do it! Praying here...Can't wait.

benay said...

may 15th?! That's so soon! I can't wait to meet those babies! love you and miss you.