Thursday, December 15, 2005

A Week in the Life of the Sheets
Fri-Sun- Spent weekend in Dallas with my parents. We did some Christmas shopping, and I got a lot of ski equipment left over from skiing years ago with my family.
Monday- Zach had to go to Lubbock for business, and I had the Highland Staff Christmas Party. There was tons of great food, and Santa Claus even made an appearance! Not only did the kids get gifts, but all the staff did as well. It was fun, but it was kinda awkward being at a party by myself. I have a tendency to close up around a lot of people. I prefer small groups. In places with a lot of people, I tend to find a wall, lean against it, and watch people. (right Jen P.??) Zach, on the other hand, loves to be the life of a party...and he is good at it! If I just stick with him in situations like that, I have a great time.
Tuesday- Our friends Kate & Brandon had us over for dinner. It was soo good (chicken Parmesan), and we had a great time visiting. We have really enjoyed becoming their friends. Sometimes in Abilene it is hard to find and keep friends who are young. Abilene is one of those places where young couples come and go very frequently. Anyways, thanks Kate for the great food and the awesome gloves. I put on all my stuff last night, and I do have to say I looked pretty ready to "just rip it."
Wednesday- We had our Huddle Group (+/- 30 Sophomores) over for our Huddle Christmas Party. There was tons of great snack food and some hilarious gag gifts. Some favorites were: A CD that had a recording of a guy singing 'O Holy Night' at his church. Apparently he thought he was really good, but it was horrible! We put it in the CD player as we continued opening gifts and we couldn't stop laughing at it! There were also some granny panties (HUGE) with a baby bottle (poor Holton Mattis got that one, but at least he tried it on for us!) I decided to steal a gift when my # came, and I got a VHS of Taebo and the first season of American Idol! Pretty good for a gag gift! Zach got jipped..he got a bottle of syrup.
Thursday- (today) I get the privilege of babysitting for a friend. Their son Ethan is the most adorable boy (besides my nephew..of course!), and I have been looking forward to this since she asked me. I love babies. They have a way of making you feel like there is nothing else going on in this world (in a good way). It will be a fun night.
Friday- after work we are leaving for COLORADO!!! I am soooo excited! We are skiing with Zach's whole family (minus Tyler) near Winterpark. We have a ski in/ski out condo which will be amazing. I am so blessed to have such a loving family that I married into. They have shown me nothing but acceptance and love. Sheets rule!
As you can see, our week has been busy but so fun! We are tremendously blessed with wonderful jobs, friends, family, and a beautiful country. If I don't post in the next week, it's because I am warm by a fire in our condo, or wiping out on the ski slopes! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. I will post about our trip as soon as I can.


Jen Perkins said...

kara you are my comfort zone. i went with hayden to his work christmas party and once he had to leave for a second and so i was alone. during that two minutes i longed for you. sad that i won't be able to see you in ATown but i will see you soon! love you-jp

Brandon Stover said...

Just Rip It, man.... but don't rip anything else ok. Be careful on the way and during and enjoy the beautiful Colorado terrain. We had fun on Tues. and we look forward to hearing about your trip.

Kate said...

I've had the CD you gave us on repeat in my classroom all day today. Hope your ski trip is a blast and that you have a wonderful Christmas with your family too! Thanks for the great Christmas music!