Thursday, December 08, 2005

Caroling, Trading, and Traditioning

Last night we went caroling with our Huddle Group. For those of you who dont know, Zach and I are huddle leaders at Highland. We meet every Wednesday night with the same group of kids. Last year they were 9th graders, now they are 10th graders, and we will be with them all the way through High School. It is such a blessing to watch these kids mature and develop their own faith. Anyways, back to caroling. First we went to a home where mentally challenged adults live. These women are very low level, but they loved the singing. We gave them bells that they could jingle to the music. It was so much fun to watch these women light up. Some of our sophomores were slightly uncomfortable, but hopefully we can do more things with these women to get them more accustomed to them. Then, we headed off to the Christian Village. This is a retirement home located close to ACU. Some of the residents had already gone to bed, but we got to carol to a good group of women who didn't want us to leave. All in all, it was a great night. Cold (12 degrees!)...but great!

1/3 of Our Huddle Group at H.E.B. Camp

Zach and I watched a show called Trading Spouses last night. I don't know how the producers pick the most opposite people you could ever imagine, but they do it! In this episode, there was a lady who was very lazy, unmotivated, and poor. She had two kids (24 & 17) who worked and brought in all the money, while her and her husband were unemployed and attended concerts all the time. They switched her with an upper class, business oriented, super mom lady. Some parts were hilarious, but some just made me hurt. I felt so sorry for these kids who supported their lazy, dumb parents. At the end, the crazy mom was mad at her daughter for wanting to make something of herself. I hope some of the parts were staged, but I know that there are families out there that opperate like this. It's a sad reality.
OK. I promised some Christmas tradition in an earlier blog, so let me share one of our family traditions with you.
About a week before (or a couple days before) Christmas, my mom will take requests for our favorite cereal. (Our "Christmas Cereal") On Christmas morning we will wake up, and our Christmas Cereal will be at our spot on the table with a bow around it. Growing up, this was just the coolest thing. We could pick any cereal (even the popular name brands) and have a whole box to ourselves!! I usually picked Lucky Charms, Cracklin Oat Squares, or Cookie Crisps. Andy would always pick Cinammon Life, and Adam would usually pick Coco Pebbles, Fruity Pebbles, or Count Dracula. It was such a simple thing to do, but we looked forward to it every year. If you want to, you can share what you would want your Christmas Cereal to be. This year, I will stick with Cracklin Oat Squares. It does look like dog food, but it's sooo gooood.


JENNY said...

I love the Christmas Cereal tradition, Kara. What a great idea!

Jen Perkins said...

definatly LUCKY CHARMS! Glad that was on your list of great special cereals! jp

Erika Watts said...

if you believe this...i didn't know you had a blog till right now. Trust me, I've tried to click on your highlighted name when given a comment from you, but it never has gone through. I feel terrible, but I tried to catch up as much as possible. so good to talk to you last night, even if both of us smoked up before hand. love you. e

The Juice said...

Sorry kara, that was me who poked you, cuz i was using ernesto's facebook thingy.
please don't type in red.

get myspace so us alumnae don't feel so left out. thanks.

-Jeremy Jackson