Friday, December 02, 2005

The Waterball Legend

We have the best friends in the world, and I love it! Yesterday around 2 pm I got a phone call from Jen. She said "Guess where we are going? Abilene!" They (her & boyfriend Hayden pictured above) live in Austin, but that doesn't stop us from seeing each other about twice a month! Anyways, Hayden is a waterball legend at ACU, and he was called to duty last night. He got a call from his brother and the GSP team asking him to come up and play in the waterball tournament with them. You might be thinking "Can one guy make that much of a difference?" Let me answer that for you...YES! It was amazing. Before Hayden got into the pool, his team was down by 5 or 6 points. As soon as he jumped in, it was a turnaround. They ended up winning the first game (because of Hayden). Long story short- they played 3 games of waterball that night and won every game. Yay for Hayden! It was so fun to watch him play, and it was even more fun to see Jen call him a "stallion" and go crazy yelling at the players and refs. It was a memorable night.

One of the greatest blessings in life is having friends who you know love you. I read something yesterday that was some research conclusion that said 80% of your friends don't really enjoy being around you and just do it to "be nice." I can honestly say that I know and trust that my friends are true and honest friends. We are confident in our relationships and we respect and love each other. That is a good feeling.


Jen Perkins said...

hurray for your blog entry kara! it truly was such a GREAT night. and really, Hayden is a stallion! I love you and how much I get to see you!!!

Jen Perkins said...

Yes and I really do LOVE YOU!

Brandon Stover said...

I was just wondering if Hayden wore his Fred Flintstone attire while playing. That would have been unreal.(Definite legend material) Sorry we missed the lunch on Sun. and the Sheets Monday Night Mayhem last night. We want to have you guys over this Sunday if you can make it. Take Care!