Sunday, April 08, 2012

The Bloodhounds Are Out to Get Ya!

The boys first ever soccer season started on Saturday. To say that they were excited would be a major understatement. They have been counting down the sleeps for a couple of weeks, and I think their faces will show you how pumped they were to finally be playing 'professional soccer' (as Levi calls it). Their team name is the Bloodhounds, and I think you should be prepared for some cuteness overload.

Will before the game even started. He could not contain his excitement!

I forgot to mention that Zach is one of their coaches. He is great with the kiddos and makes it so much fun for all of them. Here he is giving them the pre-game pep talk.

Levi pre-game.

I thought this was so cute. Zach was giving some pointers and sweet Will put his hand on coach's shoulder : )

Right after Will scored his first goal. I can't look at this and not smile.

A little half-time practice from Levi.

When Levi is really excited he does this shy smile. Makes me melt.

This cracked me up. In the middle of the game, Will ran over to tell Zach something that had happened on the field because he was convinced that Coach/Dad didn't see it. Zach had to tell him that the game was going on and he better get back on the field! Such a 'Will' moment.
Both boys had a great first game. They both got to score a goal or two, but most of all, they had a ball together and with their friends! We are looking forward to a great season with the Bloodhounds! : )


Kathy said...

Yeah. Go, Bloodhounds! I love 4-year-olds' soccer. It's a mix of "bumblebee soccer" or stop and smell the flowers or running the wrong way. What fun!

Sarah Cornett said...

Sooo fun! Thanks for sharing all of these sweet pictures and moments of these boys :)