Monday, August 08, 2011

Just for Fun...

Here I am at 37ish weeks pregnant. Feeling good! (Hoping that this guy is a big baby)

And, here I am at 37 weeks with Will & Levi. This was taken a day before their delivery.

Several people have asked how this pregnancy has differed than with the twins. I had a great pregnancy with the boys, and this pregnancy hasn't been all that different. This go around I have had less heart burn, less swelling, and better sleep at night (thanks to some sleeping aids). I had about the same amount of nausea at the beginning of each pregnancy, but I was WAY more tired when I carried the twins. I had to take a nap every day, and I don't feel nearly as tired this go around. I have had consistent back pain this pregnancy, and that is by far my biggest complaint. I've just had to get used to it, but every time I lift my right leg my whole back has a shooting pain. Not cool considering I have to lift my leg every time I walk.

I craved veggies and any form of potatoes with the twins, and my 'fix' this pregnancy has been cold fruit, Sonic strawberry/banana smoothies, and Blue Bell Rocky Road ice cream. I'm trying to keep it in that order, but sometimes a pint of ice cream can solve all the days' problems! : )

I am starting to have a few contractions a day (I's hard for me to tell if they are contractions or just big movements, but I'm pretty sure they're contractions). It's fun to try and guess which baby body part is bulging out of my belly at different times. There's one spot that is always sticking out, and I'm pretty sure that's his bottom. Will & Levi like to come up to me and kiss it, and then they always laugh hysterically because they kissed his bottom! Ahh...those kind of jokes never get old : )

Delivery via c-section is still set for August 30th unless I go into labor. Then I have the choice of VBAC or c-section. Anyone out there done vbac? Give me your feedback...on your vbac...ha- that rhymed!

Oh yeah, we have a name picked out!!! But you'll have to's a secret : )



Nonnie said...

Loved the comparison between the two pregnancies. I had a c-section with my first pregnancy, due to complications with the labour. With my second pregnancy I was given the option of having a "trial of labour". Much to my surprise I managed to deliver "naturally". I did have a little help with the ventouse. Recovery was quicker with a vaginal delivery and I was out and about much quicker too. Give it a shot. I wish you all the best for the weeks ahead too. Good luck!

Cindy Stewart said...

I have delivered both ways, although the c section was the second time. But I thought the recovery was much easier the first time. So I had always thought if we had a third baby I would not do a c section if I could avoid it.

PS....... Not gonna go for that 3rd baby! Haha

JENNY said...

You look great, Kara!! I can't believe you are so close. How wonderful!!

Julia said...

I did a vbac with Ben and LOVED it! I am sooo, sooo, sooo glad I did! I discussed it with my OB at my very first appointment so that was the plan the etire pregnancy. Everything was up in the air a little when I went in for my 40 week appointment on a Monday and had a sonogram that showed absolutely no amniotic fluid. I was planning on being induced that Thursday, but they moved it up. They started the pitocin Monday around 1 in the afternoon and I delivered Ben at 9 Tuesday night! Yes, long, long labor, but they took it very slow with the pitocin since I was doing vbac. Interestingly, my recovery was more difficult this time, but I absolutely would not change a thing! I would recommend you try vbac even if you don't go into labor on your own, if your OB is willing. It is just so special when you can look down and actually see your baby being born. A completely different experience than c-section. Sorry this was so long, but I obviously feel strongly about this! :) I would just love for you to have the experience if it is an option!