Thursday, April 07, 2011

Belly Shot - 18+ weeks

Will asked to take a picture of baby today, and it turned out pretty decent! Not blurry or way off center.

We will find out on the 20th if this little munchkin is a boy or girl. I don't feel strongly either way, so we'll see if baby cooperates on that day! Just a few days ago I started to feel the little kicks and rolls of this baby. It's one of my favorite things about pregnancy, and I find myself smiling every time I feel something. I feel so blessed to be able to experience the miracle of pregnancy all over again. After having kids once, I have learned how to better cherish as much as possible!

We don't have any adoption updates to speak of. There is a lot of movement with files, and we are so excited for the families who are being matched and meeting their children for the first time. Our day is coming! We just don't know when : )

-sorry for any typos. I did this post from my phone...

Location:Lariat Trail,Ovilla,United States


Sarah Cornett said... look great. And Will is a great photographer :) Thanks for the update!

Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

so excited for you all.

Rebecca Gibbs @ gibbgabb said...

precious bump! So excited for y'all!

Cozyflier said...

So cute! I love bump pics :-)

Elliott and Cherry Wood said...

You look incredible!!! I'm so excited for you guys--both with this baby growing inside of you, and the babies that God is sending your way through adoption!