Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What You've All Been Waiting For! Pictures.

My camera battery died about 2 months ago. I finally got a new one this week, so I felt the need to take bunches of pictures today! It's been a long time since Will & Levi have had their sweet faces grace the world wide web. Enjoy!

Levi being goofy under the little table. Yes, Zach cut their hair again.

Happy Will

They thought it was really funny to kiss me through the door.

I LOVE this picture of Levi. I can't really explain why other than it's just an expression I see every day. It's a hard moment to capture, but it's his 'scrunched nose' mischievous smile.

Will playing trucks. I am hoping that his hair will continue to get lighter. I want at least one blond haired boy!

Will kissing 'Otter'; the dog he got from his Aunt & Uncle Ott.

One of the boys' favorite things to do is pray. They love to get in a big circle, hold hands, bow their heads and pray. Sometimes they are completely silent, and sometimes they like to 'lead' the prayer. It's so special to see them already praying, and I have shed a few tears watching them grow in such neat ways.
Anyways, we were outside and I asked them to sit next to one another so I could get a good pic. Well, not only did they sit side-by-side, but then they held hands, bowed their heads, and prayed! It was adorable. I took a picture.

After they got done praying, I asked Levi to kiss Will for a picture. The following took place:
Kiss #1
umm...this might be hugely framed in our house very soon.
i can't.get.enough of these boys!

Kiss #2: Will still ignoring.

Kiss #3: Will getting annoyed.

Kiss #4: Will starting to realize that Levi is an unstoppable kissing machine, and he is trapped in his 'death grip'.

Kiss #5: Levi realizes he's not cracking Will's serious facade, so he starts kissing his back.
It works! Will thinks it's hilarious!

Kiss #6: Will's lovin' it. (mom is too)

Kiss #7 is closely followed by Ear Pull #1.
Not funny to Will.

As you can see, these boys LOVE one another!


katie_marie said...

Aww, thank you for posting these! I was beginning to get a little worried. They have grown so much and I hope you post more soon! :)

heathermed said...

Love the pics! Made my whole day to see those smiles! -Heather

Candy said...

Absolutely adorable! I witnessed their delight in praying at the big house the other day when we gathered up in our circle to pray and they were so into it. We didn't get any takers on saying it so Ben had to, but they are amazing!

Kathy said...

So sweet! I miss them! But I'll be seeing them soon.

Kate said...

Those praying and kissing pictures are so cute!

Terah said...

I miss those precious boys. Can't wait to see them in a few weeks.

Sarah Cornett said...

That picture that you said you loved of Levi with his 'scrunched nose' mischievous smile looks exactly like the little face Tyler used to make when he was about that age!! We have a picture of Ty that looks a lot like that one! I love that they sat down and then held hand and then started praying. That is so precious! I almost starting crying while reading this blog. Thanks for the pictures and the wonderful update on those adorable boys!

Blessed Mommy said...

Kara-the boys are so precious. I love the picture of them praying. Too sweet!

Allison said...

those pics are too sweet! they are getting so big!