Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What They're Doing These Days...

I haven't posted a 'developmental milestone' blog in a long time. I think the time has come!

Will Cotton
- had his first hair cut last weekend. Zach did it when I wasn't around, but he did a great job!
- he started walking around 16 1/2 months old. It was about time! Now that he is walking, he has become a lot more daring. He will climb on things and get himself into more trouble every day...
- words: dog, Duke, dad, mom, diaper (dy-du), 'Do-da' (we don't really know what he is saying, but he says this all of the time...)
- it usually takes a lot for him to give kisses on demand, but we found out recently that if Zach kisses me in front of Will, he will want to kiss me afterward. I am the lucky one that gets double the kisses!
- Will is a great traveler! He doesn't mind just sitting in his car seat and looking out the window. When we flew to Phoenix last week, he just sat in his own airplane seat and looked ahead for most of the flight. He's just a content lil traveler.
- loves to sleep in. he will go to bed around 10pm and wake up around 9-9:30 am on most mornings. If only Levi did that....
- LOVES to play catch. He has quite the arm too! Everyone seems to be surprised when they see how far Will can throw. We play catch across the living room from one another and he usually can launch it that far.
- he is pretty particular. he likes for things to be in order. when he is done with his drink, he makes sure that it is sitting upright, and if any toy falls over, he makes sure to move it into the right position. maybe that is not too different from most kids...but this behavior is polar opposite from Levi.
- loves to turn on and off lights.
- is very good at sharing his toys with Levi. (this good deed is not reciprocated often...)
- loves to wrestle with his brother. he just lays on the floor and giggles while Levi crawls all over him.
- has this sweet smile where he keeps his mouth shut completely but is still grinning. it's this smile that shows off his dimples the most. i LOVE it.

this morning with our pumpkins.


it rained last week and will thought it would be hilarious to drink the water from a puddle. gross!


Levi Blake
- alllll boy.
- he loves the dirt, playing in the grass, eating sticks, rocks, dirt, etc.
- a climber. i have found him on: the kitchen table, kitchen counters, fireplace, nightstand table, computer desk, toilet, etc. etc. the list goes on.
- is really starting to talk more! Words: ball, dad, mom, bird (baaaiiiiirrrrrrrddd), diaper, football (boootball), and his favorite word: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (in your best texas drawl)
- very social! loves to tell everyone 'hiiiiiii' that we pass in the stores or at church or if i just walk around the corner at home.
- his little 'anger issue' is getting better, but he still has a temper in him. for some reason, i find it endearing sometimes.
- LOVES to give hugs and kisses. he is very flirty with new people (especially girls....). a total ham.
- he has the best belly laugh. his cheeks get huge, you can see all of his teeth, and he just laughs so hard his eyes water.
- his usual speed is running. he is always running.
- he is constantly 'talking'. he is in that stage where you can almost hear a full sentence in your head. we have a fun time making up his words for him.
- not such a great traveler. i think his problem comes more from having to be restrained. he wants to be on the move all the time, and it's really hard to be mobile in a car seat.

this morning on the front porch.

trying to drink the water like Will did.

playing in the water puddle!

mischievous little smile...

always on the go...

I am having so much fun at this stage with the boys. If you haven't noticed, my spare time has dropped dramatically. It's hard for me to find time to blog because they are both constantly needing supervision. It is so sweet to see them play together all day long. They truly know each others' buttons to push, but they also know how to make one another happy. It is a unique bond that I have the privilege of seeing grow and develop. Gosh I love them.

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Cassie said...

I LOVE your boys, Kara! I think my favorite part of the whole post was the puddle drinking! Too funny. I also enjoy watching each stage the boys are in and how you adapt to helps prepare me for what lies ahead:)

Kate said...

Sweet pictures. Fun update of the boys. Now that they're both walking you definitely have your hands full!

Lindsey said...

What cutie's!!! I love the puddle drinker pics, that is blackmail for when they are older to show to their girlfriends! I bet they are so much fun though!!!

Allison said...

What cuties!! Noah sure would have a ball with them!

JENNY said...

They are both so cute! I love the puddle drinking picture, too.

Candy said...

I love these milestone posts. Those two are so fun! I have a picture of Max about that same age sitting in a mud puddle that he decided to stick his head in. It's hilarious! Mud dripping down his face. I bet you do have your hands full!