Monday, October 27, 2008

Here Comes the Bride!

The Sheets family was lucky enough to have two beautiful weddings in one year (it's really more like 4 months!). The lovely Sarah Jo married her one and only, Matthew, on Saturday during an awesome wedding up in Muleshoe. We spent almost the whole week up there trying to help with preparations and also having lots of fun with family & friends. I only took a few shots with my camera, but here's what I got!

Levi modeling his wedding gear with the bride & groom in the background

Will and all of his sweetness

The beautiful bride!

Such a cool groom's cake! You should click on it to see all the detail.
To give some more info...Sarah & Matthew are moving to Alaska on their honeymoon! He is in the Air Force and was assigned to a base in Alaska. So for their honeymoon, they are slowly making their way up there. Talk about some extreme emotions....
We can't wait to visit though!

Some table decor. The reception was in the Sheets' backyard. It was just beautiful!

We all had some time to kill before the wedding. Sarah chose to watch college football with all the guys! Matthew is one lucky guy!


Will cuttin' a rug with his great Grandmina!

Levi playing in the flowers.
I like this shot because it shoes off the tables and tents in the background. It was a picture perfect backyard reception.

I was a little busy being in the wedding, chasing the boys around, and catching up with old friends, so I didn't get a ton of pictures. I might post more once I get some from Terah.

It is really strange to not know when we are going to see Matthew & Sarah next. They will be in Alaska for the next four years, and traveling to and from Alaska is not an easy (or cheap) endeavor. We are hoping and praying that they have a smooth transition to life wayyy up there! I know that their wedding was the most joyful and loving send-off I have ever seen!

We love you Mr. & Mrs. Cornett!

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Amy said...

It looks beautiful! And Sarah made a stunning bride! I was hoping you'd post pictures on here! Thanks!

Candy said...

It was beautiful - she was beautiful - the boys were charming and very handsome. It is so strange to know they're so far away. Which reminds me - we had lunch with Heather Saturday in Baltimore. That was fun!

Life with Kaishon said...

That grooms cake was very impressive! WOW! Did it taste good?

Sarah was a very beautiful bride!