Friday, July 18, 2008

Where to begin?!

Last weekend, we went to Tulsa, OK for my cousin's wedding. We made a stop in Dallas for the night to break up the trip. Here are the boys helping my dad wash the van...

Then, on the way to Tulsa we stopped for lunch where Will showed us that he could dip his french fries in ketchup! He only had to see Zach do it once to pick it up. It's amazing how fast these guys are learning how to do stuff. He wouldn't eat another french fry without first dipping it into the special sauce.

We made it to Tulsa just in time for the rehearsal dinner. It also happened to be my cousin's (aka the groom's) birthday! It was a double celebration, and we all had a blast at a great Mexican food restaurant right on the river in Tulsa. Here is Chad (groom/cousin) with Levi snoozin. They are both pretty darn cute.

We had a blast hanging out in the hotel with family. Here is Kaleb (2nd cousin?) and Will playing catch. (Will's favorite game!)

I love this picture because Will & Pawpaw (the boys' great-grandfather) have the same expression on their faces! Ha! I snapped the picture without telling them what I was doing. They are both usually happy people : )

Pawpaw and his grandkids! Will has a question....

Levi realizing that Memaw is the one he needs to stick with! She gladly shared her cookie with him, and she will always be his best friend!

The wedding was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The location was an old barn with acreage that is well kept. The bride's dad made those letters for the barn. I just love the white curtains for the barn entrance!

The planned reception site and the wedding site in the background. gorgeous!!!The ceremony was short and sweet. It was made even shorter by the rain that came during their vows. It was the sweetest light right at first, but then it turned into a big storm right when all the people made it safely into the barn. It was sad to see all their table stuff get drenched, but the barn was so fun and perfect for the occasion!

Here is the rain...

Here comes the barn fun!
Me & Will (Zoolander face)

Zach & me with the bride & groom!

Here are the bride & groom sharing their first dance. They make a good lookin' couple, don't they!?

I was able to visit with some old camp friends during the reception! I haven't seen these girls for years, so it was sooo much fun!
Julie, Me & Abbie

We made it back home on Sunday night. Here are some randoms from this week...
I love it when the boys cooperate for a quick self-photo. Here I am with silly Will!

I had Ava & Pierson the other day, and we all had a fun wagon ride. Poor Pierson rode on the floor, but he didn't seem to mind! I think this picture is so cute of all of them!
Heather is about to move to Baltimore for residency, and the boys are going to miss her greatly! Will wanted to get some good snugglin' before she leaves...

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Brown Sugar said...

will is so cool....and he will favor me over all is other uncles and aunts...i know it.

Kathy said...

the pictures of the wedding reminded me again of what a beautiful location that was... the rain was memorable, but it would have been so nice to enjoy the surroundings a little more! Loved Will's "silly" face. He will be quite a ham I think.

Shannon Burton said...

Loved the pics...especially Will and Papaw. Very funny! The wedding looked wonderful! Also loved the one of you and Will's silly face. Miss you guys!

Kathy said...

Love your new layout!