Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Conversations of the Sleep Deprived...

The boys have been 'messing up' the nice sleeping schedule that I had going for awhile. They are making attempts to do away with their morning nap and replace it with just one long early afternoon nap. These attempts have also messed up their night time sleeping, and both boys have been waking up earlier than usual. All that to say, Zach and I have been going with a little less sleep recently. This is a snippet of a conversation we had at about 3 am a couple nights ago. Up to this point, our night looked like this:

10pm- Trying to get boys to go to sleep, but both of them fought it, so both ended up falling asleep in bed with us. Not the best start to a sleep deprived night...

midnight- Zach is sound asleep, but I am trying to fall asleep with one boy grinding his teeth and the other one smacking his lips. I was unsuccessful.

3am- (this is when it gets good) Zach wakes up to go to the bathroom, which ends up waking me up from a deep sleep that I was finally able to achieve. I don't have my contacts/glasses on, so everything is blurry and dark. I sit up in a slight panic because something is different. I start feeling around on the bed in the dark and realize that there is only one boy in our bed. Zach starts walking out of the bathroom to get back in bed.

Me: Where's the other one?
Zach: ...what?
M: Where's the other one? Both of them should be in our bed, but I only can find one.
Z: Did you put him in the basket?
M: (Trying to think what basket we would put our son in. Slightly confused, but too tired to question the basket reference....still thinking what basket he is talking about....)
Z: (getting agitated/scared tone) Is he in the basket?!
M: (Still trying to rub my eyes out of grogginess and figure out what basket we have ever put our kid in...)
Z: Kara, is.he.in.the.basket?
M: (Finally realizing he means the pack n' play...which he has NEVER referred to ask 'the basket' before)

I get out of bed and start running my fingers through the bottom of the pack n' play. Yup, that's a face.

Me: Yes, he's in the pack n' play.
Z: already asleep.

I guess sometime between midnight and 3 am I transferred Will to the pack n' play. I don't remember it at all.

I am still making fun of Zach for referring to the pack n' play as a basket. We might just start calling it that from now on!

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Staci said...

LOL!!! That conversation cracked me up!

Brown Sugar said...

I bet zach thinks he was perfectly clear and will even argue that he's always called it a basket. :)

Zach Sheets said...

Adam...you better put a biscuit in your basket.

sharon said...

oohhh that made me laugh really hard...

Nicole said...

That is SO funny. I had to read it to Glen on the phone and we were BOTH hysterically laughing. Let's just say that ya'll need some rest!!! :)

JENNY said...

haha...that made me laugh so hard!

Erin Faubus said...

This is great, I read this blog outloud to Todd and we both laughed!