Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Pics

Here are some more pictures from our Colorado trip, and then there are a few from hanging out in Abilene.

Will wearing Ben's boots.

Me, Beth, Heather, Faith Anna, Shelley & Sarah.
getting ready for the wedding!

Heather, me, Mamanita, Terah, Gini, Cori, Shelley, Beth, Faith Anna & Sarah Sheets!
aka- all the Sheets girls (minus Whitney..she was taking pictures) and the flower girls.

Will & Levi after the hike.

Family picture at our campsite. We did not plan the matching thing. Promise.

even though this picture is blurry, i absolutely love it! Levi LOVED to walk around on all the rocks.

Outside of Westcliffe, CO (the most beautiful place in Colorado) we drove across a curve to see this! It was very cool to see real ranchers just herding some cattle.

Levi 'Albert Einstein'

I love these pics. They just crack me up!

It has been quite sometime since I wrote a chapter of 'How I Became A Sheets'. I will try to get the next chapter done soon!

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Nate & Terah said...

I don't even know what to say about those last two pictures, but they sure made me laugh out loud!

Shannon Burton said...

Love love love Levi's hair! Too cute....