Friday, June 27, 2008

Levi is Walking! and some random videos...

Levi took his first few steps this past week. Everyday he is doing better and better, and last night he took about 12 steps in a row for his Uncle Landon. It was very exciting!

Will shows no interest in walking yet, and it will be quite sometime before he is up and running. I am totally OK with that!

I will leave you with some video footage from this week.


Levi & Will as Boys ll Men. classic.

This is how Levi fell asleep last night. We were all watching Batman Begins, and I looked over to find this...

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Hannah said...

I love Levi dancng! Adorable!

Kate said...

Levi's got some sweet dance moves! He must have learned those from his mama!

Sarah said...

Too cute! Dancing is in the blood.