Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thank you Mamanita!

The boys' Mamanita (Zach's mom) sent a special gift to the boys this week...and they LOVE it!

Levi enjoying the walker

Will enjoying the walker

Here is what they typically do. Levi walks with the walker, and Will crawls right beside him. They look like a cute old couple in the grocery store- slowly scooting along! It cracks me up.

but wait!...Will wants to play with it too!

Levi doesn't want to share....

Thanks Mamanita! We love it!

Will & Levi

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Matthew and Jes said...

That's ok Levi...Claire will come and play with you:)

Candy said...

Mamanita needs to learn to buy TWO of every gift!! HAHA!!

Kara Sheets said...

well, apparently there's another one on the way. she couldn't handle levi's face : )

Nate & Terah said...

That image of the boys being an old couple scooting along had me laughing out loud. Seriously. Funny!

Candy said...

ha! She succumbed to the pressure! I love it! What a good mamanita.