Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Amphi-versary!

On Martin Luther King Day of 2003, Zach expressed his liking of me in the ACU Amphitheater. We had only met 2 times before that- both at large parties or devotionals. So needless to say, we didn't know each other that well. I could write a lot about our first 2 weeks together, but I don't have much time (and Will is on my lap so it would take a loonng time). I will say that from the VERY beginning we knew that we would be together for the long haul. We expressed our love for each other on our 3rd date, and Zach proposed for the first time on the next date. I kindly gave him a rain check.

I love remembering this time of year because it reminds me of the nervous anticipation of being around Zach, and the sweet excitement of getting to know him more and more on every date. I still love every day that I get to spend with Zach. It is so fun to learn more about him even now, and I am sure we will continue to learn about and from one another.

It's amazing to think about what has happened since that cold night beside the Tower of Light. Happy Amphi-versary!

Beach proposal!

Honeymoon dinner

Mexico Vacation

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mother brown said...

I happen to remember a detailed, animated email describing this new interest of yours. It was obvious that you were smitten- in fact, quite besotted.
I also remember my dawning realization that I knew who Zach was- or at least I knew to whom he belonged. And then you panicked when you thought perhaps you and Zach were long lost cousins- and you had kissed! That's still funny!
So, happy, happy amphi- versary.
love you both

Nicole said...

I love that you knew that early. I have always thought that most people just KNOW when it's right. That is obviously what happened with you two. That is so sweet that you remember MLK day as your amphi-versary. I just love that! So.....Happy Amphi-versary to you both! :)

Benay said...

i remember hearing about zach for the first time, too. "well he's kind of older than me. we met at a devo and he said he liked my socks!" remember when chad and I used to tease you about him at camp? ha!

Sarah said...

Happy Amphi-versary! I absolutely love it!

Shannon Burton said...

Love this blog! So fun to remember how it all started. Yall are an incredible couple. We feel privileged to know you and be a part of your lives... you'll have to fill me in sometime on the "rain check" proposal. Don't think I know about that one!