Tuesday, January 15, 2008

8 Months Old!

I really can't believe that 8 months have passed since that crazy day at the hospital when the boys joined our lives.

A lot has changed since I first held them in my arms...

Will's Big List:

* loves to wave (as pictured)
* has two bottom teeth that he loves to show off with his crooked smile
* does not like to nap or sleep through the night
* fav foods: pears, sweet taters, squash, bananas
* still trying to make his mind up on: peaches, anything green, meats
* fav toys: exersaucer, highlighters (he holds on to these for hours), books, levi's pacifier (he doesn't put it into his mouth- he just yanks it out of levi's mouth and hold on to it!), any TV remote within a few feet
* he says da-da-da-da all the time & is beginning to say ma-ma-ma-ma
* everyone comments on his big brown eyes

Levi's Big List:

* Levi still has no teeth, but is drooling like crazy (pictured above).
* Levi thinks Will is hilarious and laughs at him all the time! (as shown in last posts' video)
* fav toys: anything food related, my hair, pacifier, a lap that he can bounce on, any of our shoes that we leave on the floor
* fav foods: anything.
* he finds freckles on my face, chest, or shoulders and tries to scrape them off. I end up with these little red marks where my freckles are.
* is starting to 'talk'. i think he said da-da-da today for the first time. it was pretty cute.
* he tells stories to Will. his arms will be flying through the air as he squeals, spits, and looks right at Will.
* Levi loves to sleep. Thank you, Levi- I appreciate that!

The boys are so much fun at this stage. They will sit and play with each other for hours, and they just talk and laugh with each other all the time! We are so thankful that these boys are a part of our lives, and that we have the honor of being their parents. Even now, when they both have bronchitis and ear infections, they are some of the coolest guys we know!

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Kelli said...

They are so cute, it is amazing how fast they have grown!

Brown Sugar said...

they do rock......and they may start saying da-da or ma-ma....but how long till they can call each of their uncles and aunts by name? :)

Allison said...

that last picture is priceless...so adorable!!

sarah jo said...

precious boys. i love the pic of Will trying to hug Levi. while I was there a ew weeks ago that is all Will wanted to do is hug and kiss Levi...so cute!

Me.. said...

I there, you don't know me, but I came across your blog and I have to tell you that when I saw your little ones video (laughing), I was laughing so hard my family thought I had gone crazy. You have some silly little guys. I raised 3 boys and that brings back alot of wonderful memories. Thank you so much.


Kathy said...

miss those guys!!! even though they did give me a cold and earache!
Can't wait to see them next weekend.
love you all

Shannon Burton said...

Can't believe they are 8 months! Tell Will that I always have highlighter handy...and tell Levi to stop pinching the skin on your neck! That looks painful... :) You are such a good mama, Kara. These boys have no idea....