Saturday, December 15, 2007

Random Things on My Mind

Sorry for the gap between my posts. Things have been crazy around our household.

* I am so glad it's finally cold around here. It was hard to get into the Christmas spirit when it was 80 degrees outside! It's been nice to bust out the sweaters and cuddle on the couch drinking hot chocolate.

* Will has been sick for almost a week. He is finally recovering, and I'm glad because getting diarrhea-d on multiple times a day is NO fun. (and makes for lots of small loads of laundry.)

* We are going snow skiing soon! I'm ready for a vacation, but skiing tends to wear me out. Maybe I'll do half days...

* I love kissing Levi's cheeks. I probably do it so much that it annoys the people around me!

* I love snuggling with Will in the bed during the early morning hours. He is so sweet & cuddly, which totally helps redeem himself for his evening behavior.

* I am typing with one hand because Levi's on my lap. I think my past few posts have been one-handers.

* I have been having dreams about being pregnant again. It's really funny! I secretly can't wait for that to happen. (I guess it's not really a secret, though...)

* I haven't been able to cry *really cry* since the boys were born. Well, today the floodgates opened. Not for any particular reason...I guess it was just time. Fortunately, no one was around. I am laughing about it now!

* It took me 3 hours to complete this blog. I started with Levi on my lap and now Will is on my lap.

OK, this was officially a strange post.

Here are pics of the boys to redeem this post!

Levi being adorable. (Did I already post this picture? It's a favorite of mine.)

Will being funny. He's good at making funny faces.

Sweet naked Levi.

Sweet naked Will (with sweet taters).

Levi as a Christmas reindeer! His good friend Gillian comes over to help me with the boys.

Will with his friend Graham. I love that they are both making the same face!

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sarah jo said...

I loved the post! I can't wait to see ya'll tomorrow (or Tuesday...I'm not sure when)!

sharon said...

i loved the random thoughts. just when i thought your boys couldn't get any cuter...

Staci said...

I love those pictures of the boys! They are just so precious!!!

Speaking of dreams...I actually had a dream involving you the other night (I know..this may seem strange since we've never actually met! lol). Anyways...I'm pg and was dreaming that I'm pg with in my dream you were giving me lots of advice on how to handle twins! So...if we're ever that blessed...I'll be giving you a call ;)

*Courtney* said...

fun thoughts kara! hope the boys have a very merry first christmas!

Truitt Ross said...

Love you guys. Have a great Christmas. I'm so jealous that you're getting to ski! - Kayci

Allison said...

sweet boys...enjoy the first christmas!!

Anonymous said...

I love those little boys! merry christmas.

Kelli said...

Super fun post! Love the pics, the boys are so cute!!!

Sarah said...

Miss you lady! Hope your ski trip was great! Great pics! Love the one of Graham and Will!