Sunday, November 04, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a great weekend just staying in Abilene. We have been traveling so much that it felt strange not packing a suitcase and getting everything in the car. Strange, but WONDERFUL!

Erika and her friend Ruby came to visit, and we had a great time showing Ruby all the quirky Abilene things. We drove over the singing bridge, ate at Joe's Pizza, walked around ACU, got ice cream at Mary's, and we had a big cookout at our house. The weather was great and we had a fun time!

Big news on the baby front...Will rolled over for the first time! It's funny because Levi rolled over on Oct. 1st, and Will rolled over on Nov. 1st. We'll see if all of their milestones turn out that way!

Here is a pic of the first roll. Yes, I actually saw it and caught it on camera!

He was very proud of himself!

Erika and Will- he was very happy to see her (despite the look on his face)

TWIN ALERT! Rosalyn with Levi and Camille with Will. I just realized that Camille and Will would be funny twin girl/boy names!

I didn't even know this picture was taken until I loaded my pics onto the computer. Erika...did you do this? : )
Levi with some windshields on.

Me with my little cotton ball.


Shannon Burton said...

Love this post! So proud of Will. I doubt the month lap in milestones will last very long...look out Levi! And Kara, you look so beautiful in that last pic. What a pretty mommy these boys have!

summer said...

I'm a little behind...I LOVE their Halloween costumes! So cute. And I love seeing you as a mom. We need to get together soon and catch up.

laura said...

i love the picture of ros with levi. it looks like he is afraid she is going to drop him! we are coming to abilene this thursday and friday. maybe we will run into you and the boys.