Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksmas 2007

We had a great Thanksmas (combined Thanksgiving and Christmas) in Muleshoe. It is always fun to have the whole family under one roof. Of course, it is during these times that we miss Tyler so much. He brought (and still brings) such a joy to the holiday season. He loved Thanksgiving and Christmas so much! He loved the gift giving, the cold weather, frying the turkey, watching movies, playing football outside, Christmas music, and being together with the family. We all shed tears as we missed him, but we also had a great time- knowing that he would want us to enjoy this time of the year.

As always, here are a lot of pictures to document the week. There are maybe a hundred more, but I had to choose just a few for the blog.

Terah has been studying for the Bar, and Will thought he would help her by highlighting the important parts. He actually fell in love with that highlighter and held it the whole way home from Muleshoe. That kid cracks me up!

'Mamanita' and Will. He fell asleep as she was feeding him his Thanksgiving feast of sweet potatoes. So sweet!

Levi, you better not wake up your Papa Doc.

It snowed on Thanksgiving Day! Here is Landon with his nephews. They LOVE him!

Me, Terah, Landon, Heather, Ben, Sarah, Zach & Cori all ready for some snow football! Actually, I backed out and went inside because it was sooo cold!

I love this one because all the aunts & uncles were on the couch trying to imitate Levi. I think they did a pretty good job!

Heather and Will outside on the swing. We don't get to see Heather very often, so they love to snuggle with her when they can!

Gini and Levi. I think the boys got spoiled just a little bit...

A family snow picture.

Cori feeding Levi. Gotta love what a baby can make ya do : )

The men taking care of the fried turkey.

I just LOVE this picture of Levi. I want to pinch those cheeks!

OK, I better stop posting pictures.

In other random news, Will cut his first tooth on Saturday!!! I will try to take a picture and post it soon. It's pretty cute! cute as a little white peak of a tooth can be.

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Candy said...

Harry Thanksmas! (Happy/merry) Looks like you had a great time up there. We were definitely thinking of all of you here at the Shilbert feast. It's amazing what dimensions those two boys add isn't it? Love the pictures.

KreativeMix said...

Very beautiful pictures. Looks like you guys had a wonderful, relaxing time together :-)

Kate said...

Great pictures of your holiday! We were thinking and praying for you all. I'm glad you had a nice time with the family!

JENNY said...

Great pictures! You have the cutest family. Oh, I saw your brother, sister in law, and nephews yesterday at church. Vander is a doll!

Ann Reese said...

Great pictures Kara! Just when you think those boys can't get any cuter, you post more pictures of them...they are so adorable! I love those little guys. That's a great picture of the four of you in the snow. Glad yall had a good holiday together.

summer said...

Such sweet pictures. Will and the highlighter is too funny!

Matthew and Jes said...

Loved reading about your thanksgiving and getting updates. I knew it was going to be a rough holiday, and I am sure you guys have some rough times ahead with memories of Tyler. It makes me smile to see you all together though...with your boys! Makes me more excited and less anxious/overwhelmed for our little bundle to arrive.

Blair said...

I check out this blog all the time, but I don't think I've ever left a comment. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that those twins are really cute. I love the pictures. I know Zach from our college days.

Ali said...

this is my first time here. hi!

your family is ridiculously adorable :)

Shannon Burton said...

So glad yall had a great time! We thought of you and prayed that God would bring the whole family joy and wonderful memories. Everyone looks so happy. And what fun that you got snow! Love you friend...