Friday, September 21, 2007

Lots of Randomness

The boys had their 4 month check-up last week, and they are both doing great!

Will- 13 lbs. 5 oz., 24 inches long, 25th percentile

Will is in the middle of some intense teething. He spends most of the evening crying if he is not being held. On the other hand, he can totally redeem himself by flashing us one of his sweet smiles. He inherited my dimples, and his smile can brighten anyone's day! He has just discovered his feet (his left foot to be exact), and he loves sitting in his Bumbo holding on to his foot. Will loves to eat. He eats about every 2 1/2 hours. I usually feed him twice for every time I feed Levi.

Levi- 13 lbs. 13 oz., 23 1/8 inches long, 25 percentile **Levi finally weighs more than Will! He has looked much chubbier for a long time, but he finally has passed him up!

Levi is such a sweet baby. He rarely ever cries, and he will smile at anyone. He loves to suck on his pacifier, or his fingers, or a shoulder, or anything remotely close to his mouth.....Levi is sooo close to rolling over, but he hasn't accomplished it yet. One of my favorite things about him right now is his mischevious nature. He will be nursing away and then he'll just stop eating, glance up at me, and give me a little half smile/smirk. It makes me think that he is going to initiate a lot of the trouble he and Will will get into in the future!

Moving on...
We went to Muleshoe this week, and we ended up flying back in Zach's dad's plane. Will slept the whole time, and Levi slept most of the time unless we hit some turbulence. Then he would get really red and get a horrible look on his face. So sad!
Here are some pics from the boys' first flight!

Getting ready to board the plane.

Why am I such a dork? Oh well, it's the only pic of all of us in the plane.

We got to welcome Pierson (Summer W's blog) into the world on Monday morning. It was so fun to be at the hospital when it all happened (much more fun on this end of things!). Will, Levi & Pierson got to spend the afternoon together today. Here are some pics from their first hang-out.

Pierson and me. Isn't he adorable! I really can't believe that my boys were smaller than him. It's amazing how quickly you forget things.

I love this pic because Will is frowning because Pierson is not happy. He's a very sympathetic guy!

Will, Pierson & Levi just chillin'. It will be so fun to see these boys grow up together!

After I left their house today my boys seemed HUGE! Funny how that happens.

Random picture... On our way to Muleshoe Tuesday night, it was dark in the car and Zach and I were just talking. I was sitting in the back seat in between the carseats in case the boys needed to be entertained. Anyways, I thought both of the boys were asleep, but when I looked down at Levi during a break in our conversation, I saw him kissing his penguin! I laughed out loud and then found my camera. He looks so guilty - I love it!


Nicole said...

Your boys look SO big next to Pierson. It is so neat to have friends with kids the same gender and so close in age. They will have a blast together!!

Kate said...

It's crazy how much they grow and change in 4 months! I love the pictures of the 3 boys together.

Allison said...

It is funny how you forget how small they are when newborns and how you notice just how big they really are when being around younger babies!

The boys look sooo precious on the plane!

Kathy said...

Your dad was so excited that the boys had their first flight. (surprise, surprise)
You really need to try to catch Will with his REALLY sad face, when his bottom lip it way puckered out. It's so cute.
Levi is such a cutie and yes, I definitely see him being the mischievious one. I would love to see the surprised look on his face when he actually accomplishes the roll-over.

summer said...

Sweet pictures, sweet boys.

Larua Webb said...

I love those pics...I am coming twice in november and I am going to make sure I come see you guys!! I miss the boys..(and you, sorry)!!

*Courtney* said...

Wow! That's great that they already had their first plane ride.

They do look big next to the newborn, but they're still small. :)

Nate & Terah said...

I can't wait to kiss those cheeks when I get home! I love it that Will is so sympathetic. He'll probably cry when you have to scold Levi for getting them both into trouble. Zach was the same way as a kid, always sad when one of us got in trouble or was upset. So sweet.

cassie said...

Love your boys...I can't believe how big they look next to Pierson...they grow so fast!