Sunday, August 26, 2007

Possum Kingdom Weekend

We just got back from a great weekend at Possum Kingdom Lake with the whole Sheets clan and the George family. Here are some pics that will do better justice than my words. (I'm pretty tired and ready for bed!)

The whole crew.

Me & Zach catching some air on the jet ski.

Shelley and Me having a great time on the water!

I am about to bust on the knee board. My neck still hurts from this one!

Zach, Me, Whitney & Landon out on the boat. So fun!

We had a great weekend, but unfortunately, there were some injuries to report. Zach and Shelley fell off of the jet ski, and the back end of it hit Zach above his left temple. Here is a shot of the blood running down his face...poor Shelley looks pretty freaked out...

He needed some stitches, but we didn't want to wait in the local ER. Good thing his dad (MD) and Heather (4th year Med student) and Sarah (ER Nurse) were there to help out!

Then....Landon dislocated his shoulder for the 15th time when he fell while skiing. Here is a pic of the injured.

Now, for pictures of the boys!

Sportin' the board shorts!

Will being cute.

Levi getting ready to swim!

Will & Levi trying to wake board. (personal fav)


Kate said...

So glad y'all had a good weekend! I'm pretty impressed that you knee-boarded! Too bad about the injuries...hope they recover soon! Will and Levi will be little water dogs in no time!

Blake&Moriah said...

I love the pictures! I can't wait to see them this weekend! Yea!

summer said...

You are so cool with your watersports. I turned 30 this weekend and had to be peer pressured to go down the big slide at the pool in Eastland. I'm elderly.

Allison said...

Those boys are precious! Looking forward to this weekend!

lisajo said...

keep meaning to ask you where you got your funny wrap for feeding the boys. i would email you, but i don't know your email. i figure the whole class doesn't want to hear my question. thanks, mommy!