Monday, August 20, 2007

Life is Good

14 weeks have passed in a jiffy! Will & Levi have been perfecting their hand-eye coordination. Sometimes this involves them just staring at their hands in front of their faces, and every once in awhile, the hand will make it into the mouth! It's very exciting.

Some of their favorite things to look at include: ceiling fans, lamps, windows, and bright colored shirts. They have also recently found joy in looking at their feet! They will just sit there and laugh out loud at their toes- it's pretty cute!

Here are some pics from the last few days:

'Life is Good'- Thanks Whitney & Fran for these shirts! Too cute : )

Macho boys.

Here are some pics that I promised of Levi in the Bumbo. I needed to clean the house last week, and so I decided to try out one of my baby DVD's with the boys. I put Levi in the Bumbo and Will on the floor and popped in the movie. They sat there in silence for 30 minutes just starting at the screen. It was bliss!

Here was Levi at the beginning of the movie:

And here he is at the end of the movie! HA!


karen said...

so cute! i love seeing pictures of these sweet boys. it really does bring back wonderful memories of my boys! thanks for being so good for sharing. much love to all of you,

Blake&Moriah said...

Oh my goodness! I can't wait to cuddle with them! Only 2 more weeks! Yea!

Staci said...

I have to admit that I've never seen a baby asleep in a bumbo before! Too precious!!!!

Truitt Ross said...

we loved seeing you guys while we were in Abilene. That picture of him asleep is ADORABLE!! T has a Bumbo seat just like that one. love you guys. - kayci

sharon said...

so, SO cute.

Laura Webb said...

OH my gosh...that is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen!! I love it!!

Kenli Shea said...

I second Hess on the cutest thing ever seen and think Mo's sounds like a creeper. haha. Love you and I too will sound like a creeper and say I really cannot wait to cuddle with those cute things. Let me just say I am glad that there are two so we can pass them around and get more of them.

Allison said...

i love that he fell asleep in the cute!!

laura said...

i can't believe he fell asleep in the bumbo. reese always seems too uncomfortable in hers to ever attempt that. that just shows what a content boy you have! lucky!

Anonymous said...

I am totaly getting one of those seats with this baby!!! Those are tooooo cool, they didnt have anything like that with my other ones.
Love the pictures!
Annie Young