Monday, May 07, 2007

First Day of "Stay at Home" Mom (almost)

9:30 am- Wake Up! **I usually don't sleep this late, but the boys decided that they were going to have a post-Cinco de Mayo party in my tummy from midnight - 5:40 am. I hope that was the last party before delivery.

* free time * TLC * play with Duke * laundry

noon- Have lunch with Summer & Ava. Yummy Chicken Express!

* free time * internet * look at birth announcements * read

2:30 pm- Swing by the office to make sure everything is going OK with my replacement. She's a rock star, and I didn't have to help with anything!

3:00 pm- Target! I bought some new shoes and some clothes for the hospital stay. Nursing shirts, tanks, etc.

4:00 pm- Home for the day! The cankles have set in, so I better go elevate my feet.

I could get used to this schedule! I know I better enjoy it for the next 9 DAYS! YIKES!

Things on the schedule for the rest of the week:
- Doctor's appointment tomorrow morning
- Go to the Fire Dept. to install the car seats
- Swim/Float
- Pack for the hospital
- Sleep!

Names to cross off: Gavin, Connor, Mason, Miles

On a different note, be in prayer for the Sheets today/tonight. Muleshoe athletics is retiring Tyler's jersey tonight at the Muleshoe Sports Banquet. It will be an emotional night for our family and friends, but I am sure there will be some great stories of Tyler's life shared by many.


*Courtney* said...

9 days, WOW! That will fly by! Sounds like staying at home will be fun. :) What a funny picture! I'm sure tonight will be hard, but very special remembering a such a special guy.

JENNY said...

Sounds like a pretty good day to me! Enjoy your week. Can't wait to see pictures of your baby boys!

Jen Perkins said...

AHHHHHHHH! They are actually coming so soon! OH MY GOSH! I can't take it all in that you will have two sons. Can't wait! I will be praying for the Sheets family, for you and your now three boys.