Monday, March 26, 2007


I am officially "nesting." I have spent the past 2 hours just sitting in the boys room. Smelling their lotions, rubbing their soft blankets, reading their new books, and taking it allll in.
I think Zach is a little confused, but it's pretty obvious that I am in a much better mood after I spend hours in their room.

Cross off your list: Mark, Luke, Randy, & Dave


Kathy said...

enjoy your nesting- that delicious time of anticipation. Anticipation of a special time like Christmas is the best part of the holiday, but in this case, your anticipation of the boy's birth, as sweet as it may be, is very dim compared to the miracle in store for you.

Kenli Shea said...

I will never let the boys be dorks and if they are dorks they will set the trend. You would like school. Thank you for that, we need more kids like you and not like me.

Anonymous said...

I love that you are nesting. I can just picture you sitting in their room smelling the lotion. And the look on Zach's face wondering what you are doing. I love it! You two are so special to us and we love getting to share in this part of your lives...those two boys have some amazing parents! And Kara, you look so great! Ann