Monday, February 12, 2007

Lament Service/Dr. Stories

Part 1: Lament Service

Highland had a lament service last night that they have every year. It is a time that is set aside for members to come and remember the loved one's they have lost, grieve, pray, and remember that Heaven is our home. Zach, Landon, Whitney, Sarah, and I all went along with friends who have been there for us the whole time. It was the most I have cried since Tyler died, but it felt good. There was a candle lighting ceremony and we all lit a candle for Tyler and anyone else we thought of. It was very moving to look at the front of the church and see these small flames that represent such wonderful lives and such great loss. My words are few when I think or talk about Tyler. I miss him the most when I think about our boys not being able to know his voice or sit in his lap. OK, I better move on before I type pages about Ty.

Part 2: Dr. Stories (humorous)


Story #1: I visited my OB last week, and I had a list of questions to ask him. One of them had to do with nursing. Many women have asked me if I plan to nurse my boys. My answer is yes. I really really hope to nurse them, but not everything is in my control. If they are premies, they might have a lot of problems with nursing, etc. Anyways, a lot of women have suggested that I start to rub my nipples with a washcloth to get them ready for nursing. This always sounded logical to me, but I wanted to ask the Dr. what he thought. So I tried to act very mature and use adult words so I wouldn't giggle my way through the question. I think I said something like, "I am wondering what you think about rubbing nipples to get them ready for nursing..". Unfortunately, I got the strangest look from him. He looked totally confused, so I reworded the question and tried again, "some women have told me to rub my nipples to prepare for nursing. Is there any medical proof to this?" He kept on staring at me and asked "Do you mean after the babies come?" " No, like right now and until they come...". He continued with the blank stare and said "I have never heard of that before." This is about the point where I turned really red. The more I tried to explain myself, the more I had to use the word "nipple" which up to this point I have never had a problem with. Now I do. It's a horribly awkward word.

***For all you other preggers out there, after I finally explained what I was asking, he told me NOT to rub them. When you do this, your body starts to think that you are nursing which causes you to produce the hormone prolactin. This hormone also causes your body to start labor. Early Labor=Not Good. And then he said that I should contact the lactaction consultants at the hospital with anymore nursing questions. Thanks...thanks.

Story #2: I was supposed to go see the Perinatologist tomorrow to get a sonogram done. He takes some really cool pictures of the boys, and I have been pumped about this appointment for awhile now. His nurse called today to let me know that he broke his hand and can't do anything but consults for the next 2 WEEKS! This totally bummed me out. I really want to see their sweet little faces, hands, feet, hearts, noses....
Two weeks can't pass fast enough.

Alright, drum roll please.......NAMES TO CROSS OFF YOUR LIST:
Tanner, Stephen, Ethan, Casey, Brandon, Jackson & Andrew


Nicole said...

OK. While I was reading that I totally started thinking that it might do that. I hate to go into detail, but that stimulation CAN do that. I don't think there is really anything you can really DO to your n's to get them ready for THAT. THAT is just going to have to happen and THEN they will be ready. Ya know? I am being so purposefully vague, I'm not sure that even makes sense. HA.

C Henley said...

That is hillarious:) I've always had a "n" word I guess it won't get better with pregnancy. And I love that the doctor made it even more awkward by staring at you:) Nice.

mrs. mayo said...

I LOVE picturing that conversation with you and doctor T. That's awesome. Glad you got your question answered though!
Sorry you can't see pics of your sweet boys - get some printed out and bring them to church!!

Candy said...

I can't remember the last time a post caused me to both cry and laugh. When I think of Tyler I am so overwhelmed with sadness. I wanted desperately to be there Sunday night with all of you but the Bennett's were here picking up kids and we were waiting on Jon Westin to get here from his muddle and Geoff didn't know about it. I'm sorry we weren't there. But I know you were surrounded by many others. We love you all so very much. Please know we're here whenever you need us.

Kate said...

That story is funny on many levels. I can just sense the awkwardness in the room. I don't know if I would've even been brave or mature enough to ask it. Too bad about the pictures!! I can't wait to see who those boys look like! I'll tell Brandon he's off the list for names...I guess one Brandon Sheets is all the world can handle!

Sarah said...

Don't forget to take Gaston off the list! Also I laughed outloud again reading your story!