Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Boys Room!

Here are some before and after pictures of what we did to transform Zach's office into the boys room. We are not finished yet, but at least the hard stuff is done.

On another note, my mom & dad and bro came to visit us this weekend. It is amazing how many "things" get done when they come into town. Zach and I are beyond thankful for them, and we look forward to them coming here anytime they want.

On Tuesday I go to the Perinatologist to get some sonogram pictures! (Well, he will check on the babies to see how they are developing, but my favorite part is the pictures to add to the collection.) I am hoping he will confirm that there are 2 boys.

It's been a few blogs since I have listed some names we are not using. So here ya go:
Cameron, Leonardo, John, Noah, Mason, Linus, Jordan, Hunter, Chaz, Michael, Brady, & Archer


Nicole said...

I love the color of the walls. It is so calming. That is almost the same color I want to paint our room. It is looking great. It is going to be overflowing after the shower. How fun is THAT going to be?

Jen Perkins said...

do you think the twins will mind when I crash on their floor?
it is amazing how families can get so much done. you should of seen my parents move me in. mom could of won an unpacking competition.

Blake&Moriah said...

I'm glad you marked Leonardo off your list! I love the room! It changed so much in just one week!

Sarah said...

It looks GREAT! I love the color! Can't wait for them to be here!