Monday, December 04, 2006

We went to the doctor this morning and got to hear the twins heartbeats for the first time. That was very cool.

My mommy prediction is one boy, one girl. Altough, I think there is some possibility of two boys. I am trying to convince myself that there is no way that it could be two girls. I don't know if I could handle that! **We'll find out mid-January what they are. eek!

Some people are a little upset that we aren't sharing some names that we have picked out. In order to give them some slack, I will periodically post names that we will not be using.

Boys: Tucker (Tucker Sheets *tuck-her*...don't think so), Tyler, Landon, Ben (all Zach's brothers), Ted (Zach wants this one, but I vetoed....ugh!)

Girls: Polly Esther Sheets (it's just a joke we use for now), Terah, Heather, Sarah, Virginia, Shelley, Cori (Zach's sisters), Sadie (I like this one, but Zach had a dog named Sadie that was psycho.) you can mark those off your list. Check back for a belly picture this weekend sometime.


*Courtney* said...

Kara, thanks for your post. It's nice to have someone that knows exactly what you are going through. I really don't know where I got the sickness mom was never sick with any of us. Weird how it works out. I'm hoping it will taper off soon. We will also find out in January what the baby is...that is, if he/she is positioned correctly. If not, we'll have to wait until Feb! Ahh, I just cannot wait. That's great that your babies will be born in May (right before it gets too hot). I'm hoping that this baby isn't late like I was b/c our due date is already June 18th. That's our anniversary too! Well, now that I know about your blog, I will be keeping up with you too. :)

benay said...

um, i didn't want to say anything...but when we were very young children we said we'd name a kid after each other. i guess i'll let you off the hook. i know whatever names you pick will be adorable. love you.

Anonymous said...

So I see you haven't marked "Cotton" off your list. I thought for sure it would be one that you vetoed immediately. I kind of like it, though! -Mo

Deb said...


I am just SO excited for you & Zach! It seems to be "twins season"... my older cousin, you, and a couple in our connection group at church are all pregnant with twins right fun! =) I don't blame you for keeping the names a surprise...that way no one can try to change your minds! I definitely do love that you are posting the nixed names...that's pretty funny. You're in my prayers. I hope you are feeling well. =)