Monday, November 13, 2006

Most of you readers already know, but for you blogger stalkers out there, this might be new news for you!


Zach and I found out about 7 weeks ago that we were pregnant. It was such a fun and great day for us, but it was hard to really believe it. About 4 weeks after that (3 weeks ago) we found out even BETTER news. We are going to have TWINS! I have always wanted twins, and I am love with the little guys (or girls) already! We’ll find out mid-January what the sexes are.

I am at 11 weeks right now, and the “morning sickness” (afternoon for me) has started to go away- praise God. Some days I felt like I had the flu all afternoon. Other days I would just eat and eat only to feel worse and worse- but more and more hungry. Then there were days that all I wanted to eat was celery. I have a whole new respect for the power of hormones. Those things are crazy- and they made me crazy.
Fortunately though, I am starting to feel like myself again. More energy, less food cravings, better sleep at night, not soo emotional.

For those who are curious, my belly has not grown that much. I am at the stage where my belly just looks pudgy. I look like I did when I was about 2 or 3 with a belly that stuck out. I am beginning to notice change every few days. Pants are becoming tighter, and my belly is rock hard, etc.

The full term due date is June 5th (our anniversary), but my doctor said they will be May babies. Probably mid-May….any other May b-days out there??? My brother’s is May 18th.

I could probably go on and on, but I will save some details for later. I will try to post little growth summaries about where the twins are developmentally, but we sure would appreciate your prayers that everything will happen as natural and healthy as possible.

For now, I will leave you with some of their first pictures. Enjoy!

The first picture is Twin A. The big bump at the bottom is the head, and the legs are curled up making the big bump at the top.

This picture is Twin B. He (I think this one's a boy) is laying on his side facing us. His head is on the right. You can barely make out his arms on the top and bottom of his body, and he has a cute little belly.


Blake&Moriah said...

Thanks for the pictures. I can't wait to see you at Christmas... Sing Song too? What do you say? Are you going to have turned the extra bedroom into a nursery by then? Or will you still have room for your two favorite people in Tennessee? I miss you! -Mo

Candy said...

YEA!!! I haven't seen you yet but we have seen Zach and he is beaming. Loved the pictures! Keep 'em coming! We love you two!

Summer said...

So good to hear things are getting better for you. I've been missing you and was glad to see an update. I love those little guys already, too! We need to do lunch soon. Love you!

Mary Kate said...

MAY 12th... i think that's a good goal! i haven't seen you for so long... i'll try to find you tomorrow at church
love you!