Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The past week has been pretty crazy. Zach went out of town on Wednesday for business stuff. On Friday night, Tyler, Gini, Shelley, Ben, and Cori all came to Abilene for the weekend. On Saturday, they were joined with Papa Sheets, Mama Sheets, Terah, Nate, Heather, and Zach came back home. On Sunday, Ben was baptized at Highland. It was a great day, and we had an afternoon baptism party/blessing for Ben with old and new friends. It was sweet and very meaningful.
Yesterday I worked, but at lunch time I went shopping with the girls. We picked out stuff for our June Cancun trip! So fun! We are waiting impatiently for June to come. It will be a blast!
Terah and Gini left for Lubbock on Monday, and this morning Papa & Mama flew home to Muleshoe.
Our house turned into one big mattress for people to sleep on, but it has been fun. At this point, five Muleshoe Sheets are still in Abilene...it's their Spring Break.
(I just had this feeling I was singing that "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed" song!)
Tomorrow night we will have our huddle group over to eat and hang out together.

Theme of the Week: Go Go GO!


mother brown said...

Hey punkin,
Your comment about 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed reminded me of the story of you and your cousins jumping on the bed at Meemaw and Papaw's and getting caught- the only time you remember being in trouble with Papaw. Maybe you could write that one up for their anniversary party??
Have a great day. Love you much.

Jen Perkins said...

kara you will have to tell Zach that I do remember him calling me Jenny because he was used to it because of his sister Gini. but i am glad that to both of you i am jen perkins. kara you have to make a trip to Austin soon! we we're sad to miss Zach so both of you guys come soon!