Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My Incredible Wonderful Family

I had a great weekend getting to visit with friends who were in town for Sing Song. It is always fun to catch up on the transitions that everyone is going through. The Siggies were so cute in their penguin costumes and I am so proud of them for winning.

Zach's family also came in from Muleshoe, and we got to spend some great times with them. I didn't really know where this blog was heading, but I think I am going to brag on my new (large!) family today. I will start from the youngest and work my way up.

Cori Layne- Cori is 9 (maybe 10 now) and she is the most sarcastic and funny 9 year old I know. The poor thing has had to live with 9 older siblings, 4 of which are boys. These boys give her the hardest time, and make jokes alllll thheeee ttiiime. Seriously, they are out of control! But Cori just brushes them off like nothing, and it really is the cutest thing ever.

Ben- Ben is 11, and he has the biggest heart. Even though he is 11, children gravitate towards him. When we are in Africa, there are kids that come knocking on our door asking for "Been". They will go outside and play with him for hours! He will grow up to be a gentle giant.

Shelley- (13) I have been told that me and Shelley are very alike with our emotions and personality. Shelley is so funny, and makes me laugh almost instantly. She is very sweet with babies and loves to watch over kids. We always have fun laughing and joking around together. (and she gives great hugs)

Gini- (16) It has been such a joy to watch Gini grow over the past 3 years. I would say that she has been the one who has changed the most since I have known the Sheets. (I could say that anybody going from 13-16 changes a LOT) Gini is so sweet and gentle, and she is a friend to those who are lonely. She does not have one mean bone in her body (until the bball court)!

Tyler- (18) Ty cracks me up. Tyler is one of those guys who doesn't say much, but when he does..it's really really funny. He and Zach are very similar. Tyler is huge (6'5"?), but he is the first to help in any situation. He would probably do anything that I asked of him.

Landon- (20) It has been wonderful having Landon in Abilene. He comes over almost every day, and we love it! Unfortunately, Landon and Zach are built about the same, and look the same at a glance. There have been many times (as recent as yesterday) that I have mistaken Landon for Zach, and that has resulted in some embarassing and awkward situations. (Ex. Sunday at church I started to lean and put my head on Landon's shoulder thinking he was Zach) oops

Sarah- (22) WOW, I am blessed to have some amazing sisters. Sarah is the one that understands my perspective and empathizes with me in most situations. She has a strong yet graceful presence. It will be strange when that time will come when we don't live in the same town, and I am not looking forward to that.

Heather- (24) I have missed Heather deeply in the past year. She is in medical school in Galveston, and we don't get to see enough of each other. Heather is an amazingly determined and strong individual. We hear from LOTS of people that we look alike, and when we were both at ACU, people would always mistake us. weird.

Terah- (26) Terah is a welcomer. She has a way to make anyone around her feel welcome and at home. She has made me feel so much a part of the Sheets family. She is so great at giving compliments, and I know that she would do anything for me at any time.

Nate- (Terah's hubby) The family just keeps on getting bigger and bigger, and it started with me and Nate. Nate is such a great addition to the family. He brings so much humor and loyalty, and he adds a new perspective to things. I had so much fun on the ski trip getting to know Nate better. He makes me laugh.

Mama Sheets- What an incredible woman. She has got to be the most patient, thoughtful, busy, considerate, & strong mother in law anyone could have. She has loved me and welcomed me into her family from the very beginning. I have many things to learn from her.

Papa Sheets- What an incredible man. Seriously, he has raised 10 children who are amazing Christian people. He has taken risks throughout his life, but totally depended upon God. He has a very strong presence, but under that is a softy. (believe it or not, I've seen it!) He has a heart for helping people through medicine, and he is a talented doctor. Now all he wants are grandchildren : )

Whew! I think that covers it all. I am a Sheets, and I am proud to be one. With a family like this, how could I not?!


Jen Perkins said...

the egg on my previous post was from pledging you know, egg burial. i just thought it was the funniest one. it was done by missy perkins.

Jen Perkins said...

thanks again for letting us stay!

Kate said...

What a sweet post! I love the picture of everyone in western clothes. I'm sure you're a great hostess when everyone comes to town!

Kenli Shea said...

You better hurry and plan that trip to Austin, I will for sure meet you all there. Wish we could have hung out more this weekend as well.

Erika Watts said...

where's your cowboy hat? I mean, you're like one of three without one. anyway, can't wait to see you, whenever that will be.