Sunday, November 07, 2010

HEB Family Retreat- Fall 2010

We just got back from a great weekend on the Frio River. The weather was perfect, and we all had a relaxing time taking in the beauty of the Hill Country. We went with a bunch of families from our church, and we stayed in a cabin with our small group peeps. So some of these kids might look familiar by now.

From this angle, she might not look familiar...but Miss Alice Ann was rockin' some boots on the first night. Gotta love this girl : ) and her cute little buttocks.

The boys were so excited to be there that they had to spend the first 30 minutes in bed just wrestling.

Levi, Blake, and Will.
Cute little friends just looking at the fish in the river.

Zach took the boys on a canoe ride.
On Sunday morning, he tried to take them on another ride, but it ended short with a canoe-flip into the water. Everyone was fine, but all of them were soaked and cold. Wish I had my camera there for that one...
This ride was just calm and peaceful. Such a beautiful place!

Got to hang out with this little guy too! Zach's adoption officially went through last week, and we are thrilled that he will forever be a part of the Campbell family and of our lives.

Little Graham just hanging out watching his dad play guitar. I got some great snuggle time with this guy over the weekend!

Look at her eyes...ok, you can melt now.
This sweet little girl was full of sweetness all weekend! We had lots of fun getting to know the Team fam. Hopefully we didn't run them off : )

Lots of time spent just playin' outside.

I told Levi to smile at me like he was having fun.
haha...he's trying so hard to be excited...

Now I know what to get Will for Christmas...he loved the long board!

Half of the camp. Gorgeous!

I'm sure they were headed toward some adventure by the river...

Will, Emma, Levi, and Blake.
Blake's expression cracks me up! These kiddos had a blast together!

And what weekend in the woods isn't complete without a pee-tree...

We always look forward to this retreat. It's such a perfect place to get away and yet still be surrounded by wonderful people.

We also took our High School huddle kids there, but my two boys kept me pretty busy and I didn't get many pics of those kids. Pretty sure that group stayed up WAY later than I did, 'fell' into the river too many times, and played lots of pranks on one another. Sounds fun huh?!


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