Saturday, September 18, 2010

Summer Throwback...Colorado- 4th of July

This beautiful bride is Lauren. She is Zach's God-sister, and they have known each other forever. Let me tell you a little bit about Lauren. One blistering, hot, August afternoon, Zach and I were driving around Abilene. We saw someone jogging on the side of the road with a HUGE pack on her back. I couldn't believe that ANYONE would be out exercising in the 110ish degree heat. In the heat of the day. With a pack on her back. As we got closer, we realized that this crazy person was Lauren! She had decided that she wanted to go to the Air Force Academy, and she started seriously training for it. It was her Senior year of High School. Well, fast forward a few years....Lauren just graduated from the Academy. She joined the 'Jumping Team'. (I hope that's what it's called...) It's the people that jump from airplanes and skydive in formation. She is also known to randomly decide to climb 14'ers (mountains that are 14,000+ elevation) by herself. I think she also does some extreme snowboarding. I think she is just about as crazy as she is beautiful. Lauren found a man who can keep up with her, and they fell madly in love. : ) They got married in Colorado near the 4th of July. It was such a romantic and quaint wedding in the gardens of an old estate. Will & Levi were the little ring bearers, and they did such a good job!

Landon & Whit..and baby PJ

Gini, Ben & Cori

The following two shots crack me up! I promise---it was sparkling grape juice.

Will & Levi tore up the dance floor!

The found a couple friends who were daring enough to dance with them!

Before the wedding, we had spent a week camping with my parents outside of Buena Vista, CO. The boys had a blast playing in the river, going on adventures, and feeding the chipmunks. Don't know what I did with those pictures- but if I find them- I will try to post some!



korinna williams said...
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Candy said...

I wish we'd made it to Lauren's wedding. I know it was beautiful. It's so much fun to watch these adults we've known since they were born or, in Zach's case small children. It's so much fun to watch your kiddos grow up too!

Cozyflier said...

I love seeing pictures of your family! What a beautiful bride she is! The boys look so handsome! I'm surprised the couple didn't have an extreme wedding.