Monday, August 16, 2010

Adoption Update

Things have gone very smoothly for us regarding the 'paper chase' and our side of all the adoption stuff. Our social worker did our home study in mid-May, and we sent off our I-600 (request for approval to adopt) in mid-May to USCIS. We had to wait until the end of June to send our finished home study, and then they sent us a date to get federal finger printed. We were assigned to do this in Lubbock, and it worked out perfectly to drive through Lubbock on our way to Colorado for a family vacation. Even though it wasn't our appointed day and time, we were able to walk right in with no problems and get finger printed. The staff there was extremely friendly, and we were in and out of there in about 15 minutes. It was awesome! (Such a different experience from some of our friends in other a BIG shout out to the Lubbock office : >)

Once we got back from Colorado, we had already received our approval to adopt from the US Government! Woo hoo! This was the missing puzzle piece before we could proceed with anything else.

So that brings us to today. I am hoping to go to Austin this week to get everything State Authenticated, and then our dossier will be ready to send to DC- then Rwanda Embassy- then back to us- then to Rwanda!!!

Then we will wait. and pray. and wait. and pray.

I am really glad we started this process during the summer. We have been gone on so many weekend trips and vacations that we really haven't been plagued by impatience or anxious thoughts. Thank you, Lord.

I have lots of catching up to do on this blog, and after my trip to Austin, I am hoping to show you all what a great summer we have had.



Cari Bonneau said...

So weird that you just posted this. I was praying about you/this at about the same time. Love you & am SO excited for you!!


Ashley said...

What an amazing process! I'm glad you are keeping us updated on the latest!

Blessed Mommy said...

Kara-so excited for y'all. Hope everything continues to go smoothly. Adoption is such a blessing!

Chelsea said...

Kara! I am so glad that your fingerprinting process went so smoothly. (Ours was not as pleasant, but it is behind us now, at least!) We did get our approval letter too, which was so nice to see! We are just waiting on our i-171 to get here so we can head to Austin too!! I get so excited thinking that we're right on this road together. :) Blessings and lots of prayers over your process and your sweet little one.

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