Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Funny Boys

Here are a few funny things that the boys have said recently:

A few weeks ago, me and the boys were sitting in the living room while Zach was working on a home project in the same room. Zach had already given them a package of M&M's, but when they were finished, Levi came up to me and said, "I need more M&M's."
Me: "No, you've had enough chocolate. No more M&M's.
Levi: "Pleeeeeeeze, more chocolate"
Me: "No, you don't need anymore chocolate."
Zach: "I agree with mom, Levi. No more chocolate."
Will: "shocker"

I fell off the couch I was laughing so hard. Not only did he pick up on one of us saying 'shocker' at some point or another, but he totally knew when to use it.

I was reading the Bible with the boys earlier today. They chose the story about the Tower of Babel for me to read to them. After I was done reading, Will pointed to the picture and said, "Is that the tower of Babeline?" (I guess he always has his hometown on his mind)

The other night before bed I was asking the boys to name some things that God made. They named a cow, an elephant, the moon, baseball, and then Levi got excited and yelled out, "AND GOD MADE MY NIPPLES!"
Yes, Levi...God made those too!

My brother, Adam, was in town a few weeks ago. The boys asked him what the bump on his neck was, and he told them that it was called an Adam's Apple. Since then, they will occasionally point to their necks and tell me that they have a 'Will's apple' or a 'Levi's apple.' I can see how it would be very confusing to have your Uncle Adam tell you about the Adam's Apple!


Hannah said...

They are too cute!

Cassie said...

Oh my goodness, these made me laugh so hard. I read them to Austin and he just about busted a gut at Will saying, "Shocker!" Too funny :)

Anonymous said...

"SHOCKER." I love that kid! Wish I could have heard it in person. Pierson is ready to be well so that he can play with his buds again, and so am I.

Matthew and Sarah said...

LOVED hearing these stories about those sweet boys. They have such great personalities! Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!

Greenland said...

Love it! My favorite is about the nipples. It gets interesting around our house with Claire learning to talk and learning her body parts. I am certain one day she will tell some stranger all about her boobies...oh dear! And, she is certain that her baby brother is in her tummy...NOT MOMMY'S! :)

Kathy said...

I relly needed a laugh today. Send thanks and love to those funny, funny boys from their grommie.

Shannon Burton said...

Absolutely hilarious! I'm so glad you take the time to write down all their funny sayings. Don't you know we will just crack up all over again when they're 20??

Boothe said...

this was awesome! so cute! i needed a good laugh today! love your posts. wish i could see those boys every day! i think sellers would LOVE them.

Candy said...

I love it when you share these stories. Geoff and I got a good laugh, especially that first one about Will using the word "shocker". Hilarious! Let that be a lesson to you - watch every word you say - they WILL come back to haunt you!

erin f. said...

That is awesome...all of it. I can't wait for my kid to talk!

I also love your new blog design!

Britt said...

Oh my gosh, the "shocker" story cracked me up! I wish we got to see those two little guys more often!!