Saturday, August 15, 2009

Colorado Camping

As I mentioned on an earlier post, Zach took the boys camping in Colorado. He went with a lot of his other family members, and it looks like they all had a great time!
While they were gone I was able to enjoy Target trips, girly movies, a pedicure, sleeping in, laying out every day, and lots of quiet time in the house. It was awweessome!

Here are some pics that Zach's sisters took from the trip.

Best Friends- setting up camp. (Will on left, Levi right)

If you can't tell, they want to be just like their dad.
I think it would have only been fair if Zach would have worn only his p.j. pants and mittens.

hanging out with dad around the camp fire. (Levi in blue, Will stripes)

Levi decided to take his nap on the picnic blanket. Zach said that they caught Will sitting next to Levi and kissing him. Sweet sweetness!

This deserves a post all in itself...but Will has recently become obsessed with golf. He plays golf all day long, he will watch golf all day *if we let him*, he sleeps with his 'bolf pubs' (as he calls them), and yesterday he came up to me and said, 'Mama, I Tider Ooods'.
So, it was only fitting that he brought his clubs to the mountains!

Silly Will.

Levi practicing his balancing act...

The guys hanging out in the hammock

Terah was able to take Colton camping, and Will & Levi had a great time with their cousin! They ask about 'Baby Toltin' all the time. (Pretty soon Baby Toltin will be bigger than W&L! He's a tank!)

I am so glad that Zach (and his fam) were brave enough to take the boys camping. I know that they had a great time, and I know that I was able to get some much needed 'down time' at home! We can't wait for more camping trips in the fall (closer to home!).


erin f. said...

What a cool camping trip! You're boys look so big all of the sudden, and they are all boy! I for some reason thought that Zach took them camping for a week all by himself and I was very impressed by that, but I'm glad to know that he had the company (help) from family. I love the crossed leg picture with dad. Cute little guys!

Elliott and Cherry Wood said...

These pictures are precious!! I am so happy that they have a big family to do fun things like that with. And I love the Will golfing story. That is hilarious!

JENNY said...

How fun!! I love all the pictures. Your boys are adorable. It is so sweet to see how much they love each other. Glad you were able to enjoy some down time!

Kate said...

I LOVE the camping pictures! Sweet brothers. I can just see them taking a picture like that in front of a tent with Will's arm around Levi in 15 years and putting them side by side.