Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Summer Time is Here!

**I started this blog a couple of weeks ago....my camera cord is with some family in Africa, and I haven't been able to upload pics for my blog. That's one of the many reasons I have been so behind on blogging. Not sure if I will be able to post more pictures for another week or so while they are gone... enough excuses...here is what I do know!

It is officially summer time around these parts. We've hit the 100 degree mark more than a few times. Our investment of two kiddie pools has proven worth it so far....Also our relationships with those who have 'adult' pools has proven very beneficial! We've indulged ourselves with Cajun Cones, ice cream, watermelon, and lemonade, & we have already enjoyed a summer storm lightning show, late evening walks, cookouts, and of course visits from family!

My parents *Papaw & Grommie* got the boys bikes for their birthday. I got some good shots of Levi the other night enjoying his favorite new toy!

I love his face in this one. It's an expression that I've never been able to catch on camera.

Kissing his wheels!

Always on the hunt to make things a little more dangerous...

He wanted to take pictures of himself. Most of them turned out extremely blurry, but I like this one!

Oh man, Will Cotton. There are not enough words to describe your sweet and sensitive personality!

We went to the local fire station to look at all the 'beeeg tucks'. Levi loved it, but Will was a little cautious...imagine that.

We recently moved the boys out of our room at night and into their own room! I have been in the process of re-decorating their room, but I am waiting for a few more pieces before I take pics of it. The transition went a lot easier than I thought it would go! The boys want to sleep together, so they share a twin bed. They sleep on separate ends of the bed, but some mornings they wake up snuggled next to one another. Garsh...I love 'em.

Here is Will snuggling with bear & baby before night time. I could bottle up his sweet grin and keep it forever.

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JENNY said...

How cute! They seem to have such a special relationship. Glad you are enjoying your summer. Wish we had cajun cones here in Houston!!

Cassie said...

I can't get enough pictures of your boys, Kara. They're just so cute.

I love how proper Levi looks as he stands ON TOP of his bike seat. Hilarious.

And I agree...Will's smile can't be beat. SO SO sweet!

I also love that they want to sleep together...they're such good brothers:)

Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

too cute! my kids have always slept together of twin beds. we have 5 kids and 6 beds (including the trundles) in their room, but only 3 are used because they love to double up. i think it is really cute. God bless!

Greenland said...

Good to see you back in the world of blogging! Glad to know all is well! I love your positivity about the summer heat! I need to steal some of it:)

Summer said...

So sweet. I'm glad you posted again. I love those boys, Even though I get to see them pretty often, I love seeing pictures too!

Brown Sugar said...

yup..i gotta see those boys again soon.

Kate said...

Sweet pictures! I love the summertime. Glad you're finding cool ways to pass the hot days.

erin f. said...

Great pictures of the twins! Such cuties.

Shannon Burton said...

Man, I love you Kara. You are one of the neatest people I know. And I love those two boys of yours...well all three really. :) Levi and Will are just the cutest...but you already knew that didn't you? Great to see you in Dallas! Thanks again for the Coldplay invite!