Monday, November 03, 2008

More Costumes!

We had our annual small group Halloween party, and it did not disappoint! We voted for best costumes in a few categories, and I will say when those winners appear.

Here we are! Karate Kid (Levi), Mr. Miyagi (Will), myself as Elizabeth Shue, and Zach as Johnny.

The Walters & Kate. Ava was the bride and Summer & Kate were her bridesmaids.

The lovely Campbells!

The Reeses! A slice of Carder pizza, Brynn as Minnie Mouse (she had already taken off her cute pink dress), and Meg as an octopus.

Landon & Whitney as a logger & a tree. Look closely and you can see the twig sticking out of her hair. Too funny!

Best Dressed Couple: Ben & Carly as Forrest & Jenny

Best Dressed Family: The Riley's! Seriously, they were too cute.

Sweet little Easton Pittman as a 'Hair Wolf'.

The Straders in all their glory! Click on the picture to get a good view of Nicole's teeth. She lost 'Best Costume' by one vote.

The Sanders. Best Costume: Nathan.

I love Levi's intense face in this one. He was ready to fight.

then he found this wig, and all the sudden he wasn't so serious anymore!

The Small Group Party was a blast, and then it was time to get ready for another party. Zach's sister Gini had a group of her ACU friends over for another costume party. SO FUN!

This guy hung out with Will & Levi most of the night. There is something special about a guy who wants to hang out with babies over his friends. Will & Levi loved his company, which I am sure had something to do with his willingness to let them eat as many Snickers, Oreos & Almond Joys as they wanted!

Colton (one of our recent graduates from our huddle group). I couldn't stop laughing at him!

These two guys are also from our huddle group, and they dressed up just like Will & Levi. I thought this was too funny and very clever. Tyler & Levi are Karate Kid and Graham & Will are Mr. Miyagi.

Mr. Miyagi to Mr. Miyagi: 'Oreos are gooooood.'

Zach's beautiful sister Gini with Will on the hayride.

We had a great Halloween night as well. I was so excited to see if we would get more Trick or Treaters in our new neighborhood, and we did for sure! In fact, we almost ran out of candy. I LOVE Halloween!

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Kate said...

Great pictures! Thanks for being willing to host 2 Halloween parties this year!

lov said...

too cute!!

Life with Kaishon said...

Those costumes are hilarious : ). The kids are adorable! I wish you lived in my neighborhood!