Monday, April 07, 2008

HEB Huddle Retreat

We had a great weekend with our huddle group at the HEB Camp down in the hill country. If you don't know, Zach and I have been huddle leaders for the past 4 years. We started with a group of funny, awkward, loud freshman, and now we have a group of funny, mature, loud seniors! They have become some of our closest friends, and we are so proud of who they are and sad that our time with them is coming to an end! They don't believe me, but I tear up often during huddle on Wednesday night just thinking about them moving away or going to college.

Anyways, we go on a retreat two times a year, and this was an awesome last retreat with them. The weather was perfect, and we all had a great time relaxing together.

Walkin' around with Levi.

Snuggling with my hiking buddy

Family pic.

The hike wore them out! That's their friend Casen in the background.

By the way, these hiking packs are AWESOME! If you are looking around for one, I highly recommend these! Our's are the Kelty FC 1.0's. We did some research and chose these. They are super comfortable, and they can fit a small frame like me or a bigger frame. They have great storage room so you don't have to carry a diaper bag, and I think they are super cute! They boys love them, and they usually fall asleep after just a few minutes of walking around.

The girls!

The guys!

Our whole group that was able to go. I love them. Every one of them.

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leslie said...

I'm so sad we didn't get to go on the retreat this time! Loved the pictures...

Aaron said...

I loved HEB growing up! Its a beautiful place. Did you get to swim at the Blue Hole?

Kate said...

Sweet backpacks! Those are great, and looks like the boys love them. Glad you had fun with your huddle!

Lauren said...


You and Zach bring so much to the Highland youth ministry! Will and Levi are absolutely adorable. Blessings on the Sheets family!
Lauren Cunningham

Kara Sheets said...

aaron- our kids who went on the big hike swam in the blue hole. i pulled the 'aww man, i've got kids to watch' in order to get out of freezing my rear off! works every time! : )
but it sure if fun watching them jump off the ledge and freeze!

Shannon Burton said...

Looks like fun! Yall have given so much to this group of kids. I am amazed...
Glad the boys enjoyed the hike. I need to check out those packs...