Saturday, March 22, 2008

Levi's First Haircut!

I walked into the kitchen today to find Zach clipping away at Levi's hair with kitchen scissors. I have always loved his little fly-aways that he had (emphasis on had) right above his ears. They always bugged Zach, and he had been asking me for a couple months to cut them off. I guess he had waited long enough.
Levi getting ready for his haircut

Brace yourself for many 'sad Levi faces.' Will he ever forgive us?

Whew! I think he's happy with the final product.

A nice profile view of the new do.

Have a great Easter weekend! Our boys will be all decked out for church tomorrow. I am sure there will be plenty pictures taken, so stay tuned!

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erika said...

He really looks so sad. It's like he knew exactly what was going on.

sarah jo said...

oh my word! he looks so old and grown up in those pictures...don't grow up little Levi!

summer said...

I love his little expressions in those pictures. Like he was thinking, "Steady...steady...whew, good job, Dad!"

Shannon Burton said...

Love the first haircut! Especially when it's given by the daddy! Luke has always cut Logan's hair too... fun memories.