Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm In Denial

I am in denial because I can't believe the boys are only 2 months away from being one year old. I don't have infants anymore. I don't have toddlers either! About a month ago we came up with the term 'bablers' for the boys. Zach prefers to call them 'todbies', but I want to wait until they are walking to call them that! If you are totally confused, just combine the words baby and toddler.

OK, this blog is my digital scrapbook in many ways, so I have to list some of the big events of month #10. (Or was it month #9...anyways...I am just confusing myself..) Here are some highlights of the boys right now:

Will Cotton:

- has two bottom teeth and one top one that just came through a couple days ago.
- FINALLY sleeping through the night!!!
- He started only feeding himself cheerios, but in the last week he is feeding himself little finger foods. His favorites are sweet potatoes, fruit, grapes, carrots, anything off of our plate.
- Trying to crawl but not there yet.
- 'Talks' with a cute high pitch voice. So sweet...
- He can go from 7:30 am - 10:30 pm with only one 15 minute nap. This doesn't happen often, but he's done it a few times. Not cool.
- drinks out of a sippy cup.
- loves to babble- dada, mama, nana, zsa zsa, gaga,
- waves


- two bottom teeth
- crawls everywhere!
- He is beginning to cruise along the couch and other chairs
- He will feed himself cheerios and fruit. All of the sudden he doesn't like veggies. Not cool.
- He usually sleeps through the night, but he has to move around forever to get comfortable.
- We now refer to Levi as 'Psycho Levi' because of his restlessness while he is trying to get comfortable to sleep.
- drinks out of a sippy cup.
- when Levi waves he throws both his arms in the air and shakes around. really funny!

*photos compliments of Aunt Sarah

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MP3 e MP4 said...
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Cassie said...

The boys are SO adorable...and I can't believe how BIG they are, either. Has it really almost been a year since they were born?? Time flies! Hope all 4 of you are enjoying the new house!!

Kathy said...

Just got off the phone with your grandma and she was talking about how blessed she felt to have such awesome grandkids and to see them being wonderful parents to their own children. And I heartily agree!
We love y'all so much. See you tomorrow!

laura said...

travis and i came up with a name a while ago. funny you posted about this. since reese (and your boys) aren't toddlers yet they are pre-toddlers, like a pre-teen, so since people call pre-teens tweens or teeny boppers, we came up wtih twodd (reese is such a twodd) and teeny toddler or teeny tod. anyway, just thought i'd share since we are doing the same thing as you guys! o the life of a parent.

Anonymous said...

Two months away from one? that doesn't seem right. Wasn't it just yesterday Jen almost sat on Levi because he was so tiny??

Kara Sheets said...

i told levi about his near death experience just a few days ago. he stared at me and then laughed out loud. he thought it was no hard feelings erika. (and jen)

JENNY said...

So adorable!!

Shannon Burton said...

Wow! The boys are growing up... and they are so so adorable! Can't wait to see them this weekend!