Friday, August 03, 2007

100 Things About Me.

1. I read magazines from the back to the front. I didn't realize this until Zach pointed it out.
2. I started biting my nails when I was about 4. (Thanks Dad!)
3. My hair wasn't curly until puberty.
4. I used to be very dark complected. When my hair got curly, my skin got lighter. Strange.
5. Zach is 6 years older than me.
6. We met when I was 19 and he was 25.
7. We have the same maturity level.
8. I am the youngest in my family.
9. My two older brothers are very different from each other...and very different from me.
10. I like to drive.
11. My first car was a 1994 Corsica that I drove until Zach and I got married.
12. Her name was Patty.
13. My dad still drives her.
14. I miss her sometimes...especially when I fill up my SUV.
15. I used to be embarrassed by the music I like, but now I embrace it.
16. Some of these include: Rod Stewart, Anne Murray, Mariah Carey, Bryan Adams and Shania Twain.
17. I have a tendency to make up lyrics to songs. I would be a great contestant for that new show....that I can't remember the name of.
18. I outgrew my mom in the 5th grade. Don't worry. She's really small.
19. Sometimes I don't like swimming because I have a fear of being dunked.
20. I don't think anyone understands how afraid I am of being dunked, because when they hear this, they try to dunk me anyways. Not cool.
21. I love to snow ski but I don't like to water ski.
22. I played soccer from the time I was 4 until I graduated from High School.
23. I am slightly upset at ACU because they finally started a scholarship soccer program for women (right after I graduated).
24. I graduated from ACU with a biology degree.
25. I might not ever use my degree, but even if I knew that ahead of time, I would have still majored in a science.
26. Why? Because I love science!
27. I recently lost 45 pounds.

after (serious face):

28. I love to camp.
29. Camping in the mountains kind of scares me because of bears.
30. I was attacked by a duck when I was in High School.
31. Since then, I have a legitimate fear of birds. Of all kinds. They are too unpredictable.
32. I have really bad eyesight.
33. I am a procrastinator.
34. I was an over-achiever in school.
35. I guess that means that I did my best work at the last minute.
36. My first job was a car hop at Sonic. I really enjoyed it, too!
37. One night I had to roller skate at work. I ended up scratching the top of a shiny black corvette when I slipped and fell on the hood of his car.
38. The driver ended up giving me a $5 tip because he felt bad for me.
39. That was my last time to skate.
40. I really enjoy checking the mail.
41. I am a Mac girl.
42. I was born in California, but my parents moved to Dallas when I was 6 months.
43. The only other time I moved was when I came to ACU.
44. I don't have my ears pierced. I played too much soccer to keep them in my ears.
45. I LOVE chocolate. My favorites would be Braums chocolate milkshakes, chocolate chip cookies, Dove milk chocolates, Mr. Goodbars, and chocolate covered strawberries.
46. I have never broken a bone. But I do have stitches on my forehead from running into a pole.
47. I don't like to shop. Zach buys more clothes for me than I buy for myself.
48. I don't like to spend money. Maybe that's why I don't like to shop.
49. I really want to enjoy cooking. I am still working on this one.
50. I have never drank Mountain Dew. I realized this a few years ago, and I have stayed away from it since then.
51. I had braces for 6 years. I also had about 3 surgeries on my mouth to correct some things.
52. I grow extra teeth. Seriously...I have had 3 sets of some teeth. strange.
53. I LOVE to dance. Not 'for real' dancing, but just fun dancing.
54. The only make-up I wear is mascara. For some reason, make-up scares me. I don't know what to do with it.
55. I wake up hungry.
56. My favorite kind of food is Italian, with Mexican in second place.
57. The most beautiful place I have been to is the Dominican Republic.
58. I am a worrier when it comes to new things. Ex. I was really nervous (almost didn't do it) about snorkeling for the first time, but it was SO fun.
59. I swam with a shark in Mexico and held a lion cub in Africa. Both terrifying.

60. I am not good at learning new languages. Zach is really good at this, and it makes me mad.
61. Levi just laughed really hard for the first time in Andy Zimm's lap. I am about to start crying because it was the sweetest sound.
62. I am not big into music. I like to listen to it, but I don't keep up with the new up-and-comings.
63. I eat dessert with every meal.
64. I am not afraid of heights. In fact, I really like being on a tall mountain or up high in my dad's airplane.
65. I don't like feather pillows. They just sink down to the mattress. It's like not having a pillow at all!
66. I have never smoked a cigarette.
67. I HATE cleaning the kitchen (doing dishes). egh.
68. I was a major tomboy growing up. I never wore dresses to school. EVER.
69. I get really excited when people let me know that they read my blog. I think I would be shocked to know who all out there keeps up with my life. I don't get creeped out by it.
70. I am a sucker for romantic comedies. My favorites are: The Holiday, Love Actually, Return to Me, Sleepless in Seattle, While You Were Sleeping....etc.
71. I am horrible at keeping track of my family and friends birthdays, anniversaries, milestones...I am also bad at sending cards.
72. I really like to read, but since having the boys, I haven't had much time for it.
73. I don't keep up with Hollywood gossip or movie stars' lives.
74. I love watching TLC, HGTV, and Discovery channel. That's basically what I do between feeding the boys.
75. For any new readers out there, I have twin boys born on May 15th.

76. I am ready to be pregnant again. I had a great pregnancy, and our boys are the easiest babies. I am ready for more!
77. My favorite sports to watch are college basketball and college football. (Duke Blue Devils Bball!!!)
78. Zach, I and the boys have been camping out in the living room for the past 3 nights. It's fun- you should try it!
79. I really love living in Abilene.
80. I went to three high school proms where my date won Prom King. (I was never nominated...)
81. I like doing home improvement projects around the house.
82. I am not picky with foods, but there are a few I don't like: okra, cantaloupe, green olives, and licorice.
83. I think my feet look really funny in pointy toed I don't wear them.
84. I don't like things around my neck, so I don't wear collared shirts or big-necked sweaters.
85. Bananas make my tongue burn.
86. I sleep with a fan on for the noise. I can't sleep with a TV on.
87. I can't fall asleep in movies. Even if I have seen the movie before.
88. I used to have a huge crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas. (who didn't love JTT?!?)
89. I love packing for trips, but I hate unpacking.
90. I don't keep my cell phone with me all the time, and therefore I am known for not answering my phone. oops. sorry.
91. I can change a poppy diaper in the dark with one hand.
92. Our wedding reception was at the Abilene Zoo!
93. I LOVE weddings. So much fun!
94. I used to really like scary movies, but since I married Zach (who hates scary movies), I can't watch them anymore. I get way too scared!
95. Some of my favorite 'scary' movies are the M. Night Shyamalan ones. (The Village, Lady in the Water, Signs)
96. I don't like thunderstorms because I have been in too many tornado situations in the past.
97. It really bothers me when people pronounce my name as 'Car-uh'. EGH! For some reason that 'arr' sound makes me cringe.
98. I used to wear my swimsuit every day during the summer. Sometimes I even slept with it on!
99. I LOVE the Olympics. My favorite events are gymnastics (duh!), figure skating, and watching the runners' legs.
100. I had a really hard time completing this! I have been working on it for about a week now. So I'm sorry if there were some doubles.

I don't think I have anymore people to tag because everyone has already done this.


JENNY said...

I also love the Olympics! I get excited about it everytime. Also, your sonic story is hilarious. That made me laugh out loud!

Zach Sheets said...

I didn't know bananas make your tongue burn. huh.

Anonymous said...

I know at least 2 more things! You've been known to slide down stairs.....on your belly and put vaseline on doorknobs. I happened on to your blog via Mike Cope's blog and have really enjoyed seeing your beautiful boys....and you!

annalee said...

i love seeing pictures of your adorable twins and enjoyed reading about you!

Brown Sugar said...

hey sister

i read the whole proud of didn't mention that you made $80 dollars in tips on your first day at Sonic....while I was there slaving away as a cook and receiving my minimum wage.....oh well

nancygrayce said...

I have been readiing your blog for some time......I love seeing pictures of your boys! You have a wonderful family! Nancy in Panama City

Sarah P said...

Anne Murray? Really?
You are hilarious and fabulous to admit that.

Staci said...

When in the world did you find the time to make that list?!?!?

Have you tried fried okra? I don't like it any other way ;) look AWESOME!!!! I can't believe how great you look post-pg! Are ya'll gonna try for 10? ;)

sarah jo said...

I didn't know you had a fear of being dunked! Way to go with the snorkeling thing than!

*Courtney* said...

it's great that you can think of 100 mind goes blank when i try to do it on my blog, but i'll think of random things while trying to fall asleep, ha.

about the banana could be allergic, my mom almost suffocated when her throat closed up after eating one. and it all started with her throat being itchy after she would eat them and one time it was just too much. the doc's said allergies can build up over time. just a thought to throw out there.

Kara Sheets said...

wow....i might have to cut bananas from the diet! or just have someone around each time i eat one!

thanks courtney for the heads up!

Kenli Shea said...

Listen, I became allergic to bananas my senior year in high school, weirdest thing. Stop eating them, silly.

Kate said...


Brandon and I just read your list together and LOVED it! #18 is hilarious, and seriously, your mom is small. I wish you could've played soccer at ACU. You are so beautiful, you don't need make-up. And you lost that baby weight faster than anyone I've seen. Love it. So fun to read!

Cherry Wood said...

Kara-This is Cherry-i read your blog all the time at work and I just wanted to share something REALLY exciting with you about the Olympics-I sat very close to Scott Hamilton at church on Sunday (the back flipping ice skater)I'm jealous that you guys got to go to BTD's but my mom told me your boys are absolutely precious and I love LOVE looking at the pictures you post-okay-that's all..just wanted to share my exciting news with someone who might care!

Kara Sheets said...


so, does scott wear figure skating pants to church? because i can't imagine him in anything but those! haha

Melissa said...

just so you know i read your blog :)

Heather said...

I read your blog, too! Hope you don't mind. I'm Heather....nice to meet you! HA I am Jenna Cope's cousin. Anyway, Your boys are just precious!!

BTW, I like Anne Murray, too! HA shhhhh...don't tell!

Derek & Amy said...

Just thought I'd get in on the "I read your blog" comments! :)
I'm a friend of Sarah and Heathers. We played homeschool basketball together in Wichita.
So I come to your page to see pictures of their adorable nephews! I enjoy your blog!

kate m. said...

I read your blog on occasion. I have met you before, but I am friends with Phyllis T., so I feel like I know you a lot better than I do. Plus, I know Zach, Terah and Heather from ACU. Also, I lived with your sister-in-law, Melissa, for one year during our junior year of college. Anyway, your boys are precious! And, I agree, you lost the baby weight amazingly fast!

~ Kate (Barclay) Martin

megan said...

Wow, you've gotten so many comments! Just thought I would add one, too. I found your blog through annalee's...or maybe Staci's. Not sure, but I love looking at it! 100 things posts are my faves when anyone does them, and your did not disappoint.

By the way, my tongue itches when I eat kiwi.

Heather said...

I've commented before, but I'll comment again, since I just met your brother Adam. My hubby and I visited at Skillman C of C yesterday and I had lunch with Adam. Small world!!

Anonymous said...

You are seriously thinking about more babies already? More power to you, honey! You amaze me. You will probably end up with twins again.- Kelly P.