Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rock Stars

My boys are pretty much rock stars.

If you can remember, I posted awhile back about a typical night. Here is that post.

9:30 pm- Feed boys
10:30 pm- Finished feeding. Hoping they will go to sleep. They don't.
11:30 pm- Both boys still awake and very hungy already. Feeding starts.
12:30 am- Finished feeding, burping, diapering. Both boys asleep!
3:00 am- Both boys awake and hungry. Feeding starts.
4:00 am- Finished feeding, burping, diapering. Both boys asleep!
6:00 am- Will wakes up to eat. Feed him first, then Levi.
7:00 am- Finished feeding, burping, diapering. Both boys fall asleep again! YAY!
9:15 am- Will wakes up with gas and cuddles with mom for 20 minutes until he gets hungry. Feed Will first, then Levi.
10:00 am- Finished feeding. Both boys wide awake. Mom gets out of bed.

Well, fastforward to last night. Here is how it went.

11:30 pm- Feed boys and go to bed.
6:15 am- Zach's alarm goes off for work and I wake up in a panic because the boys WERE STILL ASLEEP!!!
6:30 am- Feed boys and go back sleep until 9 am (both boys were asleep, too)!

Conclusion: Rock Stars.
Love them.


Zach and Levi napping. So sweet.


*Courtney* said...

Wow!!! That's a great night! Way to go little Will and Levi. :)

Kate said...

Good job boys!! Way to give your parents a good nights sleep. Cute picture of Zach and Levi napping!

mother brown said...

Their Grommie told them to do that!

Candy said...

I'm already a fan. They are awesome. So are you two as parents. Great pics.

Jenna said...

That's wonderful! I'm going to read your post to Reese and maybe she'll feel some pressure to do the same...we'll see.

summer said...

Way to go, boys! I love how they are filling out. So cute. I should have bought them shirts that said Caution: May completely steal your heart!

JENNY said...

That's so awesome!! I'm sure you loved that!

Summer said...

Yea boys! I love how chunky they're both getting, and what a blessing that they are such good little sleepers. Make Pierson will learn from them. It doesn't hurt that they also have a rock star mama!